As of October 2013, there were over 1 million apps in the Apple iTunes App Store–and over 60 billion downloads. As of the beginning of 2014, there were almost 1.2 million apps in the Google Play Android app store, with over 400,000 downloads.

oracle-adfNow while those download numbers don’t tell us how many of those apps are actually used on a regular basis, they’re still impressive numbers. Smartphone and tablet users are downloading apps on a frequent basis, and they’re not just downloading games or entertainment apps. According to an ExactTarget survey, 6 in 10 users have downloaded a business-specific app in the past 6 months.

In fact, 85% of those surveyed said that their mobile device is a central part of their everyday lives. So why aren’t there more business apps out there?

Start developing your own business apps

Deciding to develop your own mobile app is a big one, however there are so many benefits to doing it, that you may wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

oracle-adf-business-appFaster information delivery: A mobile app that’s integrated to all of your relevant data sources delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Sales staff on-site with a client can pull up the latest charts to show product adoption numbers. Senior management can view the latest version of their department’s reports while in a high-priority meeting. IT support staff can input outage resolution information as soon as they fix the problem, so everyone’s aware of what’s going on in real-time.

Deliver your information anyway you like: Information is shared through your app through any delivery method you like, including mobile, web app, and desktop app.

Productivity soars: Your workforce will get more done throughout their work day because they’ve got easier access to the latest information they need to do their job. Your departments will complete more projects than they have before.

 Bonus benefit: You may notice an increase in employee morale too.

Attrition decreases: In today’s mobile work environment, allowing telecommuting and mobile working options is becoming more popular. Employees have been known to change companies based on this fact alone. Offering a mobile working option to your employees means they’re more likely to stick with you. You’ve now differentiated your company from the rest of the market with this customized solution.

The final bonus, and perhaps the most important one for you, is that there’s already a tool out there that will integrate easily and quickly into your Oracle-based environment: Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Why Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)?

Oracle ADF gives companies, especially those already using Oracle EBS, the opportunity to develop their own apps faster, use the many built-in features to develop a robust app, and protect their business from technology shifts, all the while integrating tightly to existing solutions.


  • Faster Development: Develop your mobile app faster using familiar Oracle technologies, like Jdeveloper. ADF uses a rich client UI and component-based development approach, which speeds up your development even more.
  • Built-In Features: ADF includes many built-in features out-of-box, which again, means you can develop your app with fewer delays, and a lower technology investment.
  • Protect from technology shifts: Oracle ADF mobile technology is platform-independent, so you can develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems. Let your employees choose the right app for their mobile device.
  • Tight integration with existing data: Whether you’re pulling data from web services applications, databases, or other legacy systems, Oracle ADF can handle it all.
  • Granular security: Implement permission-based security in your business app that lets you control access at a user, application, or enterprise role level. That means that everyone from your end users to your app developers have access to only the data and functionality they need, and nothing more.
  • Quick deployment: Because you’re using a familiar technology, and haven’t had to make new technology investments, your mobile app deployment time is low. Use existing IT and human resources to deploy it quickly and easily.

Customize your way to a better, happier workforce

oracle-adf-workforceTo start developing your own business apps for your workforce, partner with Jade Global. We’ve got the Oracle ADF expertise and experience to guide you through the process of creating your own mobile application. Our ADF pros can also develop the app for you, deploy and implement it with your workforce with minimal delay. Your staff will be off and running with their own customized solution quickly.

Contact us today to see how Oracle ADF can help your business.

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