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In today's times, many tasks can be automated with the power of technology. If we look at the history of science and technology, we will understand that our dilemma to get more work done with little effort was what kickstarted the process of automation. The most-often cited benefits of Automation tools and automated test framework ServiceNow include the following:

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  • Nullifying human errors

  • Higher quality of work output

  • Increased speed

  • Improved productivity

  • High employee engagement

Digital transformation is the giant leap taken to keep up with emerging customer demands while facing fierce competition in this changing economic environment. The blog talks about these benefits of ServiceNow Workflow Automation in the current scenario.

Process Workflow Automation with ServiceNow

The term "Disruptive technology" is no longer negative. It represents the change that a particular technology had impacted the entire industry or the sector and businesses which had not responded to that had been left behind. A study by McKinsey says that as many as 45% of the tasks that employees perform in an organization can be automated by adapting to modern-day technological tools. In the US, these activities represent about 2 trillion in annual wages. And these activities do not just form low-skill jobs but those of financial managers, physicians, and C-Suite executives.

The focus is now on redefining every job and process so that organizations can take advantage of the potential automation that can take place. Automation is not labor savings, as many people think. It is employees performing tasks that require logical thinking. Thus, ServiceNow Automation will bring down the errors and help your employees engage better in performing core activities.

What are the Benefits of ServiceNow IT Service Automation Suite Automation Tools?

Under a single umbrella, ServiceNow Automation tool can unite IT, Risk Management, and Security Operations to deliver customer-centric modern, resilient services. Digitizing your business processes with Process Automation applications will give you the following benefits:

  1. Management of Process Compliance

  2. Ownership of continual process improvement

  3. Collaboration across divisions and departments

  4. Visibility into process outcome

Integration of Business Tools with ServiceNow IT Service Automation Suite Tools

Many automation tools are available that promise to deliver specific tasks pertaining to services or invoices. But these tools do not include other business areas like HR or IT Operations Management. It may cause service gaps with much disgruntled staff trying to connect the dots. Instead of these tools quickening the process might be creating confusion.

Here is where ServiceNow is unique. It offers a full suite of automation tools that can be integrated and customized. You can connect HR Service Delivery to Performance Analytics into one integrated cloud with ServiceNow.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI) with ServiceNow Automation Benefits

Most organizations commit one mistake while automating their business processes: spending a lot of time setting up the software, fixing errors, and waiting for the tool to work miraculously. Choose your automation tools wisely, and they should be easy to use and manage. Tools like ServiceNow enable automation using one integrated system.

Improvement in Quality of Service with ServiceNow Automation Tool

How does one construct a strong business? It is through thorough analysis and that can be done with the help of reports. Reports help us in understanding what works and what does not. Through ServiceNow business automation tools, one can automate data generation and produce personalized reports, thus focusing on the business goals.

Greater Visibility with ServiceNow Workflow Automation

While automating, users will have to configure every aspect of the business process in the system. The tagging process will allow greater visibility into workflows. Lack of visibility is the root cause of many management issues. Visibility will solve this as the stakeholders can make better decisions as per real-time data availability. Consequently, automation with ServiceNow will maximize efficiency and productivity and generate high profits.

Jade Global's Partnership with ServiceNow

Expectations from the IT team are always high, and they are expected to keep the cost low while keeping the innovation wheel moving. Having decades of experience working with large and mid-size enterprises under its belt, Jade Global is well poised to address your automation requirements. While you focus on business outcomes, we will help with your IT transformation by automating and managing ITSM relationships, standardizing processes, measuring effectiveness, and providing transparent services. Jade Global is a ServiceNow Premier Service Partner executing ServiceNow Automation in ITSM solutions, thus building custom apps on the ServiceNow platform.

JadeConnect with ServiceNow

Jade Global's solution with ServiceNow called JadeConnect provides a complete set of solutions and a portfolio of prebuilt integrations for all your integration needs around ServiceNow. JadeConnect is an integration solution powered by the ServiceNow platform and supports two-way, real-time, or batch integration with packaged or custom applications residing in the cloud or on-premises. JadeConnect also offers a comprehensive suite of prebuilt integrations called "SmartAdapters" that integrates the most used cloud-based apps and business processes around ServiceNow.

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