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Google Cloud Analytics Services & Integrated Data to Grow Smarter

As organizations go digital, data collection speeds up while the economic value of data decreases. To help you escape this pitfall, let us put your focus back on analytics so that you continue discovering and capturing new insights from data; Insights that can bring scalability and flexibility to your information strategy.

Jade’s Google Cloud Analytics Services is your gateway to moving away from a point-solution-based strategy. With our flexible deployment models, you get the speed and scalability to govern and act upon your enterprise data, realizing faster time to value.

We Meet You Where You Are

Whether you are at the beginning of your cloud journey or optimizing what you have already put in place, Jade Global will bring in the right experts to focus on your most important needs first.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Analytics Capabilities: Leverage data to get new answers for your business

We have partnered with google in providing both sales and services of all google cloud & analytics products and services.

  • Cloud-native Data Warehouse, Data Lake, or Data Lakehouse implementations
  • Data Integration from Google Cloud, public cloud, and on-prem
  • Data Engineering and Data Science
  • Business intelligence & Visualization using Looker & other clouds BI (Business Intelligence) tools
  • Machine learning and Cloud AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Google Data and Analytics Tech Stack Offerings: Access trusted data with best-in-class technologies

  • Data Ingestion
    • Cloud Pub/Sub
    • Cloud Functions
    • Cloud Run
    • Data Transfer Service
    • Fivertran
  • Data Storage
    • Big Query
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud SQL
    • Cloud Bigtable
    • Datastore
    • Cloud Spanner
  • Process and Analyze
    • Data Fusion
    • Dataflow
    • Dataproc
    • Dataprep
    • Cloud Composer
    • Apache Airflow
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science
    • Big Query
    • Vertex AI
    • Cloud ML Engine
  • Explore and Visualize
    • Looker
    • Data Studio
    • Data Catalog
    • Datalab
    • Big Query BI Engine
    • Google Sheets
  • Miscellaneous
    • Cloud Billing
    • IAM & Admin services
    • Enterprise-ready storage options

Accelerator Packages by Jade Global: Driving Faster Time to Value

Jade Global offers analytics-specific accelerator packages that help you keep your business up and running within a few weeks. With adaptable frameworks, these packages are customizable to your specific business needs.

  • Provides a 360-degree view of supply chain data and insight into the supply chain and Inventory KPI.
  • Provides detailed view on Order management.
  • AI ML-based framework helps to optimize inventory and order cycle.
  • Helps to increase customer retention and acquisition.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized requirements.
  • Equipped with a universal adaptor to enable any source system.

  • Analyses the data collected through marketing efforts to provide trends like how a campaign has influenced conversions, customer behavior, regional preferences, and creative preferences.

  • Aids sales teams in better understanding and decision-making about prospects and customers, product lines, market potential, and sales team effectiveness.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized Requirements

  • Provides a 360-degree view of Retail data.
  • Provides insight on Sales, Orders, Receipts, and Inventory KPIs.
  • Provides detailed view on Order management.
  • AI ML (Machine Learning) based framework to optimize inventory and order cycle.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized requirements.
  • Equipped with a universal adaptor to enable any source system.

  • Provides insights into the entire org structure setup and the cost control methodologies
  • Facilitates effective audit & management of slot utilization & costs by the product team.
  • Includes best practices to follow for BQ optimization and querying.

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