Scale your subscription-based model along with your business agility and process flexibility. SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) enables you to create profitable digital services with flexible pricing and watertight revenue management. Create more profitable avenues through your partner ecosystem by bundling their products and services and expanding revenue channels.

SAP BRIM, sap billing and revenue innovation management

Boost your business growth by automating and digitalizing the billing and invoicing process with Jade Global’s SAP BRIM Services. Jade, a certified SAP partner, offers a comprehensive set of advisory, implementation, and maintenance solutions for SAP BRIM. We have successfully enabled midsize organizations and large enterprises to migrate from product-selling business models to subscription-based models. We offer implementation expertise in all areas, from subscription order management to convergent charging, convergent invoicing, and integration with contract accounting.

BRIM and Jade Services to boost your O2C (Order to Cash) engine.


Create any type of recurring revenue models using unlimited pricing options, including subscriptions, pay-per-use, outcome-based, commit-to-consume


Bundle products, services, subscriptions, and replenishment options-–provided by you or your partners


Offer flexible payment timing and methods, such as installment payment, location, department or other attributes


Flexibility to immediately make any changes to subscriptions


Minimize revenue leakage with end-to-end automation and high-performance scalability to maintain accuracy

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