Most executives in each organization believe sustainability is essential for the business. However, only a few integrate sustainability into the core of their business model. Eventually, over the years, organizations have started investing significantly to optimize their business sustainability models, and to achieve this, they are implementing and using many process improvement tools.

This white paper aims to help organizations identify some of the gaps in business sustainability models and enhance the processes by using the best process improvement tools aligned with their business goals.

Why Do We Need Sustainability in Business?

We need Sustainability in Business because it helps to improve trust with customers and investors of a business and finally converts into long-term value for an organization. Promoting sustainability in business includes efficiency improvement, increased competitive advantage, and reduced costs.

It’s observed that most successful organizations look for the best process improvement tools and use their sustainability as a selling point.

Sustainable Business Model

Any business model that builds delivers and gets value for its stakeholders without impacting its physical, economic, and social capital can be defined as Business Sustainable Model.