Accelerate Digital Transformation with Industry Best Practices and Reference Architectures

Mid-market and large enterprises are using digital transformation to modernize their IT portfolios and business services. They’re adopting agile, adaptive and accessible systems built on modern technology enablers to accelerate time to market, speed up mergers and acquisitions (M&A), complete software integrations and drive process automation.

Pharma, biotech and medical device companies are actively digitizing business processes that harness enabling technologies and drive business performance. Life Sciences companies are adopting cloud-based enterprise applications as they prepare for commercial launch, while more mature companies are using digital transformation to best position themselves for growth.

Jade Global Digital Operations Platform (DOP) for Life Sciences is a preconfigured industry solution based on a reference business model, ready to scale with built in workflow automations. Built on leading SaaS ERP, integration PaaS and BI analytics and reporting platforms, DOP accelerates deployment of industry modern best practices and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) while effectively managing business outcomes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Patient Journey Mapping Made Easy

Using Salesforce’s Health Cloud as a foundation, Jade Global helps organizations drive waste out of the healthcare process by aligning doctors, hospitals, specialists, labs and other providers on a single, collaborative platform. This eliminates redundancies, reduces waste and helps organizations provide a higher level of care for patients—and extremely efficiently.

A Strong Partner in Your Corner

As more middle-market healthcare and life sciences firms use technology to fundamentally change the way they operate and serve patients, organizations that have experienced, reliable implementation partners in their corner will be best positioned for current and future success.

Explore our comprehensive Healthcare and Life Sciences 360° datasheet, providing insights into resilient technology solutions that empower organizations to address present challenges and proactively prepare for the future.

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