This Gen AI datasheet introduces Jade Global’s latest solution: Finance AI, a cutting-edge Generative AI for finance meticulously built for CFOs and Business Heads.

Finance AI - Leverage Generative AI in Finance and Lead in the Era of Data Stories

Data stories are projected to become the predominant mode of analytics consumption by 2025 (according to Gartner). Even your most captivating numbers or metrics may fall flat without a compelling narrative around it. Finance AI instantly answers your financial queries, putting you in control of your narrative.

Finance AI is one of the few specialized Generative AI solutions for finance, boasting a rapid 50% faster implementation compared to conventional alternatives.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Accurate Information When You Need It
  • More Time for Strategic Planning
  • Cost Savings Across Manual Operations
  • Scalable and Adaptable
  • Compliance and Security

Explore Finance AI and elevate your financial decision-making with instant, accurate insights at your fingertips.

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