Client - Harmonic Inc.

Industry - Telecommunications

About the client

Harmonic Inc. is a worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services. It designs, manufactures, and markets digital and fiber optic systems. The company’s systems enable cable, satellite and wireless operators to deliver video, internet and high-speed data services. Harmonic was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Products & Services

  • Salesforce Customer Community Maturity
  • M&A Consolidation of 2 SFDC Instances, Service Integration Optimization and SaaS Licensing Management
  • Security Model revamp

Client Speak

iconI am very happy the Service Consolidation project has been launched successfully. The project in addition to consolidating the two Salesforce service applications has merged much functionality from different apps into Oracle UI to simplify and improve business processes in the service and logistics modules as well as eliminate many redundant applications.icon

- Santhosh Kumar
VP IT Applications, Harmonic

iconI would like to take this opportunity to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to the IT Tech team for their effort and hard work in the design, development and implementation of the project 1 month ahead of schedule.icon

-Phil Ireton
Sr. Planner, Harmonic

Project Scope, Improvements, and Enhancements

At the start of this engagement, Jade Global identified various business pains where providing automated solutions would make Harmonic’s business processes easier and more efficient. Jade Global identified the need to help Harmonic enhance its existing platform through software download access, implementing Community Cloud, reducing support tickets, revamping the security model, and simplifying M&A consolidation.

Harmonic already had an existing Community. Jade Global helped to enhance this Community by developing custom logic to handle software downloads. Jade developed a streamlined process for customers and new prospects to access software downloads based upon respective SLAs with Harmonic and its resellers.

In addition, Harmonic was looking to retire its legacy portal and implement Communities to support one of its product groups.

Besides the Community enhancements and implementations, Harmonic had acquired a company and needed M&A assistance. Jade Global helped to merge two disparate systems into one. Jade completed the project with the IT team 1 month ahead of schedule and converted this challenging, multi-year project into a 3 month go-live job.

Jade Global analyzed and revamped Harmonic’s complete ecosystem security model, making it more scalable and efficient.

Business Requirements

  • Development of a software download process to provide customers with access to viable folders associated with specific SLAs and warranties
  • Out-of-the-box Salesforce Community implementation within 1 month to allow customers to gain self-service
  • Threshold value reduction for tracking IT tickets
  • Generation of crucial data analysis reports and data mapping, serving as a base for merging of the 2 systems
  • Complete security model analysis and revamp, purging unused profiles

Preparing a Business Solution for Future Growth

Previously, Harmonic had to manually assign accessibility to folders based upon SLAs and warranty. In the past, they did not have an adequate way to handle customer support. Harmonic was receiving calls for product support, which was an inefficient and ineffective way for the company to deliver excellent customer experiences.

After Harmonic acquired another company, they were tasked with maintaining two separate Production Instances. This was problematic since it required users to have multiple logins. It also created data sync issues.

Business Challenges

  • Manually assign accessibility to folders based upon SLAs and warranty
  • Merging two production orgs
  • Customer support

The Solution

Jade Global designed a rich user interface for Harmonic’s service users that automatically provides customers with access to software downloads based on their purchased Assets or Contract. This also automated termination and extensions for software download access based on the SLAs and warranties. Additionally, Jade identified important analyses to help Harmonic keep track of various systems providing software download access.

The Jade Global team helped to deploy an out-of-the-box Community for Harmonic’s self-service portal, retiring an overpaid legacy system, thus providing more adaptability over the ecosystem. This feat was accomplished within three weeks, including data migration activities.

Jade also helped with M&A consolidation strategy and data migration activities. Custom reports were created based upon Harmonic’s business needs for data analysis with accurate figures from the data migration.

Additionally, for security purposes, Jade performed a complete analysis of existing profile, helping Harmonic revamp its profile model.

The Benefits

  • Insightful, analytical reports for Community to develop data for customers accessing software downloads
  • Capability for customers to receive Self Service support
  • Lowered CRM TCO ($500k in licensing cost savings per year)
  • Unified business processes
  • Improved customer experience

Support reduced IT blockers for business users, helping Harmonic focus on the business

  • Multiple systems retired during M&A Consolidation
  • Automation of manual workloads - Jade helped the SLA team create an automated flow by linking sold contracts with assets
  • Efficient and scalable security and control

Business Benefits and Results

During the M&A Consolidation, Jade Global created accurate reports and partnered with Harmonic to monitor the deployment of the consolidated systems, resulting in powerful analytics and business knowledge.

Jade Global developed a running Community with legacy data migration within three weeks, in order improve Customer experience and business efficiency.

Overall, the complete Service and Communities Transformation helped Harmonic save $500k in licensing costs per year. This TCO optimization along with consolidation has unified business processes, increased customer success and improved customer experience.

About Jade Global

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