About the Client

FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORM) is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along with the full IC life cycle – from characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug to qualification and production test. 

Semiconductor companies rely upon our products and services to accelerate profitability by optimizing device performance and advancing yield knowledge. 

Through education, collaboration, and innovation, FormFactor helps customers navigate the technology transitions essential to next-generation applications. Markets like data center, mobile and automotive are multiplying, and our experts are helping test engineers drive precision into volume. 

Products and Services

  • Probe Systems
  • Probes
  • Probe Cards
  • Metrology

Business Requirements

  • 24X7 support requirement for global users (US, APAC)
  • Ability to create a model for the FormFacFor Team to execute their long-term transformation roadmap while continuing to provide ongoing Enhancement and modifications to the existing system to run the business
  • Multiple acquisitions – Need to consolidate in the current system to run the business while designing the system for future
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Business Challenges


BSA and IT team involved heavily in day to day support and hence, are not able to focus on strategic projects


The constant demand from business to operate all acquired businesses in separate ERP systems, adding


Complex customization support without any documentation, which is heavily dependent on a few people

"The Jade Global team efficiently supported our day-to-day production operations and helped our team focus on our strategic priority projects. The Jade Global team also contributed to various strategic initiatives and created high-value solutions for our organization.  The team’s passion and hard work contributed to our growth, and they took pride in serving and supporting our initiatives. They have become an integral part of our team. They reflect the value and character of a true value-add partner."
-Stacey Barnes, Sr.Director  IT, Formfactor Inc

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