About the Client

Diamond Foundry was founded in 2012 by Martin and Jeremy. Diamond Foundry is a producer of man-made diamonds in San Francisco. The company developed five generations of plasma reactor designs using software simulations of plasma physics to develop its technology for managing a high-density plasma for diamond growth at extremely high temperatures.


  • Process Flow Diagram of Customer, Item. Sales Order and Fulfilment
  • Data Mapping Documents between Shopify and NetSuite, Shipstation (Customer, Sales Order, Fulfilment)
  • Boomi Subject Matter experts for integrations especially Custom Store API, and Oracle NetSuite SME for Business Rules and Customization
  • Technical Design Document for Integrations process
  • Exception Handling & Email Notification for Error Scenario

The Benefits

  • Automate Item Sync between Oracle NetSuite ERP and Shopify
  • Automate Sales Order Process and Sync SO Object between Shopify and NetSuite
  • Seamless and Real Time integration with 3PL (Shipstation) for Fulfilment and Shipment Process
  • Exception emails/ alerts regarding the automated process is sent to desired users

Business Challenges


Customer Integration between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite ERP using Boomi Integration


Sales Order (SO) Synching between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite using Boomi Integration


Approved sales orders sending to Ship Station for Fulfillment and Shipment