Shopify, ShipStation and Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration with Boomi

About the Client

Diamond Foundry was founded in 2012 by Martin and Jeremy. Diamond Foundry is a producer of man-made diamonds in San Francisco. The company developed five generations of plasma reactor designs using software simulations of plasma physics to develop its technology for managing a high-density plasma for diamond growth at extremely high temperatures.

Key Requirements and Challenges

  • Customer Integration between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite ERP using Boomi Integration
  • Sales Order (SO) Syncing between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite using Boomi Integration
  • Approved sales orders sending to Ship Station for Fulfillment and Shipment
  • Shipped Orders will be back updated in NetSuite and creates fulfillment
  • All type of items should be pulled from NetSuite and created in Shopify