Jade Global CEO, Karan Yaramada announced that the company is now launching its much-awaited Technology Solutions exclusively targeted towards the Life Sciences and Hi-Tech Industry. He said, “Given how the world has undergone a drastic need for Digital Transformation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; at Jade Global, we detected a growing need for exclusive Digital Transformation solutions for the Hi-Tech and Life Sciences Industry. Our Clients from both these Industries faced some recurrent Challenges which we sought to overcome with these prebuilt solutions. It is also a great opportunity for us to expand our growing customer base within these dynamic industries.”

It is widely noted that Life Sciences companies need to go through Digital Transformation to modernize IT Portfolio and Business Services while adopting Agile, Adaptive & Accessible systems built on Modern Technology enablers to accelerate Time to Market, faster M&A Integrations, and drive Process Automation. Correspondingly Hi-tech Industries have a great need for technology that enables process automation and seamless integration for both internal and external partners as well as applications.

Jade Global has worked with over 150 Hi-tech customers to make strategic investments in launching unique industry solutions that will transform the business processes across the board. The solution consists of reference digital architecture with a pre-configured solution consisting of 70% of the most popular and relevant use cases in combination with leading purpose-built solutions. These solutions result in much faster implementation at a reduced cost, most importantly using standardized and best practices which scale with business growth. All the solutions use key design principles of cloud-first, data-driven, process automation, and seamless integration both internally and with external partners and applications.

“Pandemic or not, speed of disruption has only accelerated by many folds. Now, most of our clients are looking for proven solutions not just services, which can help them stay ahead of the curve. Jade Global’s Hi-tech solution offering is our collective investment into our clients and ISVs to deliver the promise of faster, cost effective and high-quality solutions to business problems. With our reference models, best practices based micro vertical solution, clients don’t need to worry about scaling and just focus on their growth” said Raja Sekhar, VP Oracle LOB at Jade Global.

Jade Global’s experience of deploying 400+ EBS & Cloud ERP projects combined with deep Domain Expertise has led to the development of a Pre-configured Ready-to-Deploy Modern Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM/PPM solution. It is based on a reference Business Model with a standardized set of business processes that leverage leading Industry Best practices to help pre-revenue Life Sciences companies embark on new ERP initiatives or mature Life Sciences companies to modernize their legacy ERP systems.

Jade Global’s Pre-configured Life Sciences Industry Solution addresses Key CGxP requirements, Financial Reporting & Cost Management, Compliant Clinical & Commercial Supply Chain operations, pre-built Analytics, Trading Partner Integrations inclusive of overarching Compliance & Validation Framework hence providing a comprehensive Scalable Digital operations platform helping companies stay competitive and foster growth.

BK Srinivas, VP Enterprise Solutions, Jade Global said, “Our Life Sciences Industry solution offer comprehensive set of standardized Best practices built on Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications will help companies Accelerate Deployment, User Adoption, realize ROI faster with a system that supports growth & innovation and enables new ways of achieving radically improved business performance.”

About Jade Global

Jade Global is a premier Advisory, Integration, Testing, Cloud & Consulting Services, Business Solutions and IT Outsourcing company that services clients across multiple technology platforms. It is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Philadelphia in US; Canada, Europe and India. With more than 2000 employees worldwide, Jade Global is a trusted partner of choice to its clients.

It is also Great Place to Work-Certified™ in recognition of its culture of trust, transparency, innovation, and fun in the work environment.

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