Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology

Upgrading to the cloud comes with its challenges. Jade Global helps you meet those challenges with implementation tools that ease your journey to the cloud.

We have developed a cloud upgrade methodology that provides consistent results, scalable processes, documents and a proven roadmap for cloud success. The Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology (JCIM) maximizes the benefits of the cloud upgrade while helping you understand and mitigate the risks. JCIM is a proven methodology that has been fine-tuned by experience. It helps realize the benefits of the cloud quickly and efficiently.

Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology

The Jade Approach

We start with an assessment of your readiness to move to the cloud including a change management plan. We identify those areas that can be strengthened before we start your journey to the cloud. We continue with a solution design phase where we consider your business requirements and discuss the software features and function before mapping a design. After the design phase, we validate the design with testing. Using an Agile hybrid approach, we then guide you through multiple iterations of the solution. We then proceed with transition activities including a segment of the project where we conduct parallel processing to assure good results. Finally, we go-live with the solution and help you understand and optimize your day-to-day operations.

Along with our cloud methodology, we have a set of internal tools, the Jade Delivery Platform. JDP has been developed to bring repeatable delivery guidelines to your project and works in tandem with JCIM. JDP assures consistent uniform excellence with templates, guidelines, checklists and a set of project management processes used by the Jade delivery team.

JDP helps assure consistent delivery excellence and helps detect issues and risks in time to avoid most problems and leads to quick resolution of those that do occur.

Start your journey to the cloud with confidence. Assure your outcome and cut your risk by using Jade Global’s Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology. 

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Implementation Methodology


Our phased approach is based on leading practices tempered by our understanding of the potential trouble spots in an implementation.

Implementation Methodology

rapid results
Rapid Results

Our supporting upgrade tools like the Jade Oracle Cloud Migrator (OCM), Jade Delivery Platform (JDP), defined documentation, and templates help you realize the benefits of the cloud in the shortest time possible.

Implementation Methodology


The Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology is scalable and flexible to address the unique goals for your project.

Jade Global Cloud Implementation Methodology Phases

What Makes Jade Different

We utilize several Jade-developed tools throughout the implementation. We also stay focused on delivering true business benefits – not just a system - and we help you optimize your processes to take full advantage of the Oracle Cloud.n.

One of our biggest differentiators is our focus on transferring ownership of the processes and applications to you. When we finish our phased implementation, your stakeholders and users will have helped design the system configuration and new processes. They will be familiar with and comfortable with solution. As we step through the process, we are transferring ownership of the activities to you so that there are no surprises when you go-live.

Our change management phases run parallel to our methodology. Jade Global will guide you through the process to assure a smooth adoption and the greatest benefit from your implementation investment.

Key milestones from the Jade Global Cloud Implementation Methodology

Cloud Ready
Key Activities
  • Pre-project planning and Kickoff
  • Process familiarization training
  • Plan Project Tracks and Schedule
  • Identify User Roles/Privileges and Security needs
Key Activities
  • Pre-project planning and Kickoff
  • Process familiarization training
  • Plan Project Tracks and Schedule
  • Identify User Roles/Privileges and Security needs
Key Activities
  • Conduct design workshops
  • Begin build using standard Oracle processes
  • Data Migration Strategy and Approach
  • Finalize User Roles and Data Security
  • Update Configuration Documentation
Key Activities
  • Signed Configuration and Design Documents
  • Finalized Test Scenarios and Test Cases
Configure & Build
Key Activities
  • Configure CRP Instances
  • Load Sample Data and Validate
  • Build Integrations and Extensions
  • Finalize Test Cases and Scenarios
  • Update training documentation
Key Activities
  • Configured test instance
  • Successful testing
  • Major integrations and extensions developed
Key Activities
  • Configure UAT1/SIT Instance
  • Load Full Data and Validate
  • Test standard features and reports
  • Conduct user training
  • Draft Cutover Plan
Key Activities
  • Completed UAT1/SIT
  • Completed User Training
  • Built Automated Test Cases
Key Activities
  • Configure UAT2 Instance
  • Load Full Data and Validate
  • Test all standard features and integrations
  • Transition to your support team
Key Activities
  • UAT sign Offs
  • Configured PROD Environment
  • Completed Data Migration
  • Support your support team
Key Activities
  • Apply Monthly Patches
  • Upgrade as per product release schedule
  • Build further test automation
  • Work on support and enhancements
Key Activities
  • Stabilized Oracle Cloud Environment
  • Decommission old Oracle EBS application

Why should you choose Jade Global?

  • Oracle Platinum Partner, Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) certified.
  • Over 300 Oracle consultants throughout North America.
  • 100 Oracle Implementations and 30 plus Oracle Cloud Implementations across ERP, EPM, SCM, HCM and PAAS applications.
  • Jade Global tested solutions and automation tools and offerings.
    • Propero to EBS Assessment.
    • Jade Oracle Cloud Migrator (OCM).
    • Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology.


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