Manage your enterprise data proactively with Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS).

EDMCS provides a central change management platform that enables you to align your enterprise hierarchies in a single location and distribute them to the operational, financial, and reporting systems.

EDMCS manages and governs structural changes throughout the enterprise to provide a consistent view across multiple applications within the hybrid, multi-cloud environments


Use Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EMCS to accelerate cloud adoption, assimilate business transformation, align your enterprise applications faster, and audit governed assets.



  • Create a global chart of accounts or redesign your chart of accounts
  • Proactively map GL accounts to EPM accounts
  • Reuse common dimensions
  • Publish to any connected application
  • Automate using pre-packaged integration


  • Record changes at the request
  • Visualize structures before you commit to them
  • Compare, analyze, and conform structural differences
  • Use drag-and-drop hierarchy management to align perspectives
  • Model alternative scenarios before deploying them


  • Federate changes with enterprise-level workflows
  • Automate changes synchronization using the subscription
  • Engage end users to handle exceptions
  • Reconcile alternate business perspectives
  • Experience an accurate view of external applications


  • Permissions ensure secure data sharing and user access
  • Policies drive who approves changes, at what level and in what order
  • Every workflow action is captured in a rich audit history, which you can invite internal or external auditors to browse
  • The details the system captures along the way makes it easy to audit proposed changes, posted changes, contextual changes to individual nodes, and changes to metadata

EDMCS Overview

Oracle EDMCS is a modern, agile data management application that enables enterprises to manage application-specific business viewpoints, govern changes across them, share and map datasets to accelerate cloud deployment, and build an authoritative system of reference.


  • Use the EDMCS application to govern an external application's enterprise data. All work on data involves an application's viewpoints and related data objects


  • Dimensions describe an organization’s data and usually contains groups of related members such as Account, Entity, and Product


  • A viewpoint is built on a data chain. A data chain is a series of related data objects


  • Views are collections of viewpoints that provide a hierarchy or list of structures
  • Views are end-user portals into enterprise data. Browse or search viewpoints within or across views.

EDMCS Data Chain

The basic organizational structure in EDMCS is an application. Each application contains dimensions. Each dimension contains a series of related data objects called data chains, consisting of node types, hierarchy sets, node sets, and viewpoints. These data objects are the building blocks of EDMCS.


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