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Accelerate your Cloud Migration leveraging our Jade Global Cloud Migration Methodology

Delivers practical, secured, seamless migration of client's current IT landscape from traditional on-premise models in the data center to on-demand models in the software-defined data center in the public cloud with or without hybrid setup.

Cloud Transformation Services

Jade Global OCI Migration methodology is a structured approach that incorporates best practices, automation, tools, and processes to provide scalable migration solutions to accelerate cloud migrations of any size. We will identify the right migration strategy for each of your application's current state and priorities.

Cloud Transformation Services

Our cloud transformation methodology is a culmination of our experience in migrating enterprise applications to leading cloud service providers and takes place in six phases.

Cloud Transformation Services

With Jade Global’s Transformational Managed services program, Customers can continue on the path of Service Transformation. They can maximize ROI on moving Enterprise workloads to OCI through Continuous Improvements & Automation Services helping deliver better Business Outcomes.

Cloud Transformation Services


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