Jade can help you migrate to Salesforce Lightning 10X faster while reducing your conversion costs by 25% to 40%.

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning at the earliest is highly recommended, as new features and updates from Salesforce are exclusive to the Lightning UI.

We understand that any migration is a massive undertaking, and you might have concerns about migration complexity, disruption to your current process, and investment in time and cost.

As your Salesforce migration partner, Jade helps you identify the right migration approach and leverage accelerators like Convertorama that speed up the migration by 10 times and also reduces conversion costs.

The Jade Advantage

  • 97%+ CSAT Rating with Salesforce
  • 400+ CRM Projects Delivered
  • 600+ Certifications
  • 10+ Years of CRM Experience
  • 12+ Prebuilt Solutions & Accelerators
  • 100+ Clients Served

Download our eBook to learn how to approach Salesforce Lightning migration, the key considerations, and how Jade can help you.

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