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Automate your lot manufacturing in NetSuite and enhance operational efficiency by 15% with Jade Global's Fab-a-Lot Solution, built to streamline processes and eliminate manual efforts.

Manual processes and visibility issues in lot-based manufacturing can lead to missed opportunities, delayed customer responses, revenue loss, and high inventory costs.

Without an integrated lot-based manufacturing solution, tasks like lot split, merger, translation, and traceability require a significant amount of manual effort.

That's where our NetSuite Solution - Fab-a-Lot comes in. It is an out-of-box, automated Lot-manufacturing solution that converges industry’s best practices and pre-built use cases to automate your lot transaction processing and eliminate costly supply chain delays.

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Fab-a-Lot –A Quick Glance

Fab-a-Lot implementation with NetSuite is your comprehensive industry-specific solution for efficient handling of Lot-level transactions like lot-splitting, Lot-Merging, and Lot-Translations.

Key Features of Jade’s Fab-a-Lot


How Fab-a-Lot with NetSuite Improves Your Lot-Manufacturing?


Enhanced Lot Visibility

Gain comprehensive and granular visibility into your work-in-progress (WIP) and inventory lots.


Real-Time Automation

Experience real-time, automated lot transaction processing, eliminating supply chain delays that could otherwise span days.


Exception Management

Instantly detect and address exceptions and errors through a centralized management process, ensuring timely corrections.


Robust Audit Trail

Utilize a complete audit trail to swiftly implement corrective and preventive actions, averting costly field failures and reworks.


Optimized Inventory

Improve inventory planning with Lot tracking enabled throughout the manufacturing stages. Also save inventory costs through enhanced visibility.


Solution Hosting

Built in Oracle APEX & Hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform leveraging standard Tools & Services.


High Operational Efficiency

Reduce the manual efforts of tracking Lots while increasing overall operational efficiency by 15 %.


Low Implementation Cost

Implement Fab-a-Lot solution with NetSuite, using native APIs and reduced implementation costs, facilitated by the unique pre-built solution framework.


Improved Customer Service

Enhance your customer service by leveraging improved Lot traceability and genealogy that significantly reduces QA issues.

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Fab-a-Lot An Automated Lot Manufacturing Solution by Jade Global

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