Your organization might be in process or already shifted from on-prem to cloud, preferring more specialized and advanced SaaS platforms over traditional ERP systems. On average, a company with over 2000 employees deploys about 187 applications. As you adopt best-in-breed applications, you need to ensure these diverse systems work together seamlessly to drive your business outcomes.

Enterprise integration services help you prioritize enterprise integrations but it isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; each organization has unique integration requirements. New-age integration platforms like Boomi provide an intelligent integration and automation solution, enabling companies to concentrate more on innovation and less on maintenance.

 As a Boomi Platinum partner, Jade Global is committed to help businesses maximize the benefits of Boomi integration. So, we've developed an RPA Automation Accelerator for automated Boomi migration that allows you to adopt the Boomi integration platform effortlessly and leverage its technology at scale. 

Why Migrate to Boomi?

Boomi is distinguished by its cloud-native design, extensive integration possibilities, and intuitive user interface. Boomi migration has several advantages, such as:


Migrate to Boomi Integration Platform with RPA Automation Accelerator by Jade Global

The traditional approach to migration involves manual effort, potential errors, and extended timelines. To resolve this problem, we at Jade Global have built a RPA Automation Accelerator that automates and streamlines Boomi migration, while minimizing disruption.

Here's how our RPA Automation Accelerator for Boomi migration works:

Assessment and Planning: Jade Boomi's experts conduct a thorough assessment of your existing integration platform, identifying dependencies, mappings, and potential migration challenges. A migration plan is then crafted, outlining objectives, timelines, and resource requirements.

RPA Based Automated Trading Partner Onboarding : Jade's RPA based automated migration tools facilitate seamless data migration from your current platform to Boomi. This includes schema conversion, data mapping, and validation to ensure data integrity throughout the migration process.

Testing and Validation: Comprehensive testing and validation are essential to ensure that migrated integrations perform as expected. Jade RPA-based Trading Partner Test Automation Framework provides robust testing tools and methodologies to validate integrations, identify potential issues, and ensure a smooth transition.

Go-Live and Support: Once testing is complete and integrations are validated, the Jade Boomi team assists with the go-live process, ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to address post-migration challenges and optimize performance.


Embark on your Boomi integration journey with Jade Global’s enterprise integration services, and have more flexibility to determine what combination of SaaS providers will best serve your business. 

Integration is increasingly strategic and can be as complex as the software itself. With over 150 Boomi projects under our belt, we've helped businesses streamline processes, enhance data exchange between systems, and make better-informed decisions.

Our RPA-based automated Boomi migration accelerator makes your integration journey even smoother to kickstart. Explore more about our Boomi services, and fill out the form below to connect with our experts for detailed insights on our RPA-based automated Boomi migration.

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