Supercharge your Agent Productivity for Great Customer Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice
Published by Rajaraman Anandha Krishnan

Creating a ‘wow’ experience over the phone is hard, but Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is doing it differently, turning every voice call into an opportunity to create an amazing customer…

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by BK Srinivas

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Life Sciences with Virtual Pharma Solution Build on Cloud ERP

Managing the business aspects of life sciences can be a challenge. You must make complex scientific decisions, invest in…

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by Mounika Polsani

Let’s talk Automation:

Let’s talk about something that we all love, automation. Edging away from the seemingly hyped growth of prediction analysis and self-autonomous systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been…

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by Varsha Diwan, Komal Parekh


Today, programming languages like Java, Scala and python are prevalent. They’re used in a variety of applications, both large and small, including enterprise software and web development. This popularity…

by Avinash Choubey

The history of sapiens talks about and how we have created a new world from being just a tribe. The focus had always been on achieving from what appears to be impossible to achieve the impossible. Nowadays, wherever we turn around, we hear a lot…

by Lokesh Kumar Narayana

In today's times, many tasks can be automated with the power of technology. If we look at the history of science and technology, we will understand that our dilemma to get more work done with little effort was what kickstarted the process of…