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Published by Mohammed Sayeed

With a wealth of data now available, there is no lack of insights to produce. At the same time, having so much data makes it harder to find meaningful insights. Time to deliver value is of essence. Solving complex business problems generally…

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by Jayarama Emani

Mehul Druva recently joined Jade as the Senior Vice President of our Financial Services & Insurance (FS&I) Business Unit (BU), bringing with him more than 30 years of industry experience…

by Prasanna Bade

What is QUnit?

There will always be a hurdle in the software industry when we try to write unit tests for client-side codes due to the lack of any actual units and…

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by Shruti Kshirsagar

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is one of the most popular service management platforms and it is out with the new version - ITIL 4. The new version brings in several queries from…

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by Saurav Preet Singh

The complex business landscape requires enterprises to quickly and seamlessly identify, prioritize, and remediate threats before they turn into large-scale problems. But inefficient, manual…

by Poorna Chandra Ravi

Nowadays, more and more apps are built on front-end frameworks like Angular or React, or VueJS, where, a lot of work that would happen on the server-side has now shifted to the browser. These apps…