Getting Started with Azure Static Web Apps (SWA)

Nowadays, more and more apps are built on front-end frameworks like Angular or React, or VueJS, where, a lot of work that would happen on the server-side has now shifted to the browser. These apps…

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By Poorna Chandra Ravi

Everything you Need to Know About Logic App

What is Logic Apps and its Benefits What is Logic Apps And why is it so useful?…

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By Vishal Jagtap

Azure Web Apps 101

Introduction to Azure Web Apps The Pandemic has accelerated our cloud transformation. Cloud-readiness benefited many companies. A…

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By Rahiman Nadaf

What is SharePoint Framework, and why is it popular?

SharePoint Framework (SPFx)…

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By Vrunda Ghate

Top 8 Reasons for using Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database offering from the Microsoft Azure platform…

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By Pavan Kumar Reddy

Why should you start with .NET 5 Framework?

We all know Microsoft.NET technology has been the most popular technology for the past two decades in the IT industry,…

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By Jaywant Nikam

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