Following an enhanced investment and epic innovation in 2021, the life sciences industry is ready for more growth in 2022; by new partnerships, public and personal investment, and breakthrough innovations the long run of biotechnology and life sciences is safer and more innovative than ever before.

The life sciences industry in the fields of prescribed drugs, biotechnology, medical devices, medical specialty technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and food processes, et al, dedicate their efforts to bringing solutions to enhance lives.

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is heavily regulated worldwide, making it challenging to manage prescribed drugs and life sciences. It requires meticulous planning, and detailed project management helps to confirm success and to beat any of the subsequent challenges:

  • Scope identification and management
  • Global project execution management
  • Cost, timelines, and budget producing
  • Key stakeholder management together with the regulative agencies
  • Quality management
  • Risk management.

Due to the quality of project management within the life sciences industry, project managers must stay at once. Technologies help life sciences industries to accelerate product Innovation, remodel industrial operations, and drive expertise to enhance health outcomes.

Mid-sized to giant healthcare and life sciences industries following a digital transformation by adopting agile, adaptive, and accessible systems that area unit engineered on enablers that accelerate quicker M&A integrations that drive method automation.

Life science projects cost millions of dollars and run for longer durations. Accurate decisions regarding priorities and allocations become pivotal for overall success and digital Project Management solutions can significantly help.

At Jade, we tend to perceive that ancient IT Systems do not seem to be ascendable, agile, or double-geared to handle such dynamic desires. Here is where we will assist you in accelerating your digital transformation journey with our life science industry solutions and our substantial experience in deploying project management solutions for you.

The Jade brings a preconfigured solution for life sciences industries (Pharma and Med Devices) that connects critical business processes and operations, and improves communication across departments. It automates routine and repetitive functions and offers well-structured content that enhances visibility.

  • Project Financial Management Offering
    • Project Control
    • Project Costing
    • Project Billing
    • Project Contracts
    • Project Performance Reporting
  • Project Execution Management Offering
    • Project Management
    • Task Management
    • Project Resource

Integrated project financial management and execution solution dramatically improves the means project-driven organizations work, enabling economic and effective project management.

Jade Global has exceptional experience implementing life science industry solutions and Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud solutions for Clinical R&D projects and can help you successfully implement the same.

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About the Author

Sumeet Bhosle

Sumeet Bhosle

Business Analyst, Managed Services – AWS

Sumeet has over 12 years of experience in EBS and Oracle Fusion Implementation, R12 Upgrade, Enhancement, Support, and Bank Integrations with Oracle., In the past 5 years he has extensively worked on Cloud PPM and Financial modules and was instrumental in multiple implementations.

About the Author

Samir Rane

Samir Rane

Associate Vice President – Client Services, Oracle

Samir an AVP and has been with Jade for over 5 years. He has more than 25+ years of experience implementing and supporting Oracle EBS, Upgrades, and Cloud applications (ERP and SCM) and has been instrumental in various successful implementations. His primary focus over the last few years has been ensuring customer success in implementing Oracle Cloud applications.

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