Leveraging the Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse,that automatically tunes, scales, provisions, and patches itself, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW), brings together multiple sources of data, including NetSuite data, CSV files, and other business system data, to discover patterns and insights that unlock new opportunities to drive growth.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the only out-of-the-box pre-built analytics platform and data warehouse built to work with NetSuite.

Leveraging the Oracle Analytics Cloud, a machine learning-powered analytical tool, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, a data warehouse that automatically tunes, scales, provisions, and patches itself, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse brings together multiple sources of data, including NetSuite data, CSV files, and other business system data, to discover patterns and insights that unlock new opportunities to drive growth.

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a rich set of data analytics tools to carry out instant data analysis from diverse sources and systems. Apart from handling multiple data sources, this toolset can also use machine learning and deep learning to produce detailed predictive insights.

Oracle Data Warehouse

Oracle data warehouse is a cloud-based database system like the original Oracle architecture. Besides leveraging well–accumulated database tools and practice, this data warehousing solution brings all the benefits of the cloud, such as excellent scalability, lower overhead expenses, top-notch security, etc.

Features of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Features offer a set of capabilities to streamline business analysis, data visibility, and data management in a context-aware manner.

• Seamless ability to find data and allow data-centric collaboration 

• Pre-built connectors to multiple sources (i.e., Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.) accommodating multiple data sources

• Data mash-up between multiple systems - consolidate and integrate NetSuite, custom, legacy, flat files, and 3rd party data

• Self-service data access and reporting & one source of truth

• Point-in-time analysis, complex reporting, and analytics. Enhanced consolidated reporting

• Gain deeper insights into Business Operations and improve Business Performance

• Data Visualization to see trends, patterns, and outliers.

• Historical Data Analysis

• Robust data administration and database management 

• Seamless data transfer

• Faster and role-based data access

• Data Pipeline for NetSuite

• Reduce/eliminate manual effort

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Benefits

1.A Complete view of your company performance: Collect and analyse all your data from multiple sources to improve decision-making and align teams across the organization.

2. Rapid deployment for immediate insights:  Realize quicker time to value with NSAW’s data pipeline feeding into pre-built data objects. Review historical and current data with ease.

3. Personalized insights via your dashboards: Access the data you need based on role-based views, KPIs and visualizations. Easily organize insights with decks and dashboards.

4. Significantly improved analytical performance: Get fast and accurate answers to your business questions by analysing comprehensive datasets at more incredible speed.

5. Seamless and Safe Data Transfer: NSAW automatically connects with the NetSuite ERP system and ensures secure and seamless data transfer. This gives business users freedom from strenuous manual integration efforts for data transmission.

6. Rigorous Analytics Involving Data from All Sources: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) offers a rigorous analytics solution that uses data from different third-party sources, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, NetSuite ERP data. Moreover, it provides a more simple and more streamlined data analytics approach.

7. Easier Manipulation of Different KPIs And Metrics: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) comes with a variety of ready-to-use metrics and KPIs for different job roles, so that the analytics can be put to contextual use by different employees.

8 Agile Decision-Making Made Easier: Automatic data transmission and access to multiple third-party app data from the tool streamlined decision-making by using relevant real-time data and data-driven insights and patterns helps a business get the most valuable insights for faster and precision-driven agile decision-making.

9 Access to Robust Dashboard and Reporting: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides a broader scope of consolidated analytics and a multitude of role-based metrics and KPIs; now, executives in different organizational roles can make agile and highly context-aware decisions.

10. No Manual Coding Efforts: It allows incorporating a lot of new third-party data sources within the compass of the analytics warehouse without writing a single line of code. This saves the entire effort and time of the NetSuite integration experts.

11. Far Better Compliance and Auditing: The ability to store and analyse a multitude of data from diverse legacy software systems and the NetSuite ERP system ensures easy adherence to industry compliance standards and auditing guidelines.

12. Lot of Unprecedented Insights: It can more easily detect patterns and trends, dig data for more valuable insights, and take historical snapshots of the business data metrics for analysis.

13. Self-Service Analytics: For an operations team member, looking up to the data analytics team is no longer required to provide them with relevant insights for a particular decision-making juncture. Now, with its role-based analytical capacity, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) helps employees use the analytics tools per their context and need.


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