Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

An active Corporate Social Responsibility policy is a significant part of Jade Global’s core values because we sincerely believe that applying new strategies for building a better future goes much beyond business interests. Jade Global’s corporate social responsibility program is thus aimed at action that encourages a positive impact on both education and the environment.

Jade participates in Chiguru, an inter-school sporting, cultural and literary fest for the under privileged school children 

As a part of CSR activity, Jade Global participated in the Chiguru program. Chiguru is an inter-school sporting, cultural and literary fest for the under privileged school children from in and around Hyderabad. Youth for Seva, a NGO that aims to support schools, destitute shelters and government hospitals, organized the Chiguru program where about 1000 volunteers from 20 MNCs and colleges volunteered for the event.

The program was held at the GNIT campus where around 3500 children from 120 schools across the city arrived and participated in 15 different competitions. Jade Global volunteered to conduct the kabbadi and athletics competitions for the students. A traditional South Indian feast, served on a banana leaf, was also laid out for the children before they left for the day.

Jade in chiguru program Hyderabad, Jade at youth for seva

Jade sponsors breakfast at summer camp - 2016 for the young hearts of DESIRE Society

As part of CSR activity, Jade Global’s Hyderabad employees sponsored breakfast at the Summer Camp - 2016 conducted by DESIRE Society. DESIRE Society is an NGO working for HIV/AIDS infected children in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Visakhapatnam. They provide shelter, food, treatment, education and psycho-social support to help these children achieve their full life potential.

The summer camp is an annual social event with a complete fun-based recreational gathering, which is exclusively meant for children suffering with HIV/AIDS. DESIRE Society started this camp in 2009 in Hyderabad. This is generally held for 3 to 4 days with fun activities like magic show, treasure Hunt, craft sessions, balloon shooting, movie screening, camel riding, nail art etc.

Chief Guest at the Summer - Camp 2016 was Micheal C. Mullins (US Consulate General of Hyderabad). Jade Global's team was led by Srinivas Bommena (Center Head – Hyderabad), who attended the inaugural function and spent the day with the kids.

Jade and DESIRE had worked together for a similar event in April, where Jade’s employees interacted with the children and spent quality time with them. During this event, the children shared their aspirations and hobbies with the employees. Jade Global, with its undying commitment to give back to the society, will continue to support DESIRE in their endeavors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering underprivileged students in India

Jade Global provides financial assistance to meritorious students from underprivileged families to pursue their educational dreams. Jade Global specifically provides scholarships to students from KIT’s College of Engineering, D.K.T.E's Textile and Engineering Institute and the Government College of Engineering, Karad. In addition to scholarships, Karan Yaramada, Jade Global’s CEO provides valuable guidance to students on career choices.

Jade Global encourages students to complete their curriculum and gives them opportunities to smoothly transition their career to the world of Information Technology. As part of this sponsorship project for BE and MCA students, Jade Global provided each individual with project guidance for a duration of three months. This initiative involved selecting five teams from three colleges in Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India) and sponsoring each of their projects. There was positive response from the students, who gained from the opportunity of working with industry experts and acquiring relevant experience via their project work.

Providing disaster relief in the US

Hurricane Sandy’s winds, rains and flood waters brought in its wake devastation and uncertainty to the lives of millions of people across 16 states in the Eastern United States. Jade Global took the initiative in assisting the American Red Cross in its large-scale efforts across North Eastern United States to clean-up the damage that resulted from Hurricane Sandy. Jade Global also encouraged its employees to contribute to the relief fund, and as a company made matching contributions to the fund.

Corporate Social Responsibility