Jade’s Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) Development Services help reduce your technical debt by improving your business agility and quality.

As McKinsey puts it, "Technical debt is like dark matter: you know it exists, you can infer its impact, but you can't see or measure it."

As enterprises grow, so do their software footprint and technical debt. Over time, this debt hinders agility and growth by causing platform, product, or project delays, introducing hidden risks, and driving up the cost of upkeep. Even if enterprises adopt an Agile approach to software and IT delivery, technical debt can still present significant challenges. In 2020, the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) suggested the Cost of Poor Software Quality (CPSQ) be $2.08 Trillion.

As you strive to reduce technical debt and boost your business agility, Jade helps you accelerate with Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) Development Services.

Jade’s LCAP Development Services and its Use Cases

Jade is at the forefront of promoting enterprise digital modernization through low-code solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of low-code development services, including platform advisory, MVP and pilot engagements, program development, and ongoing support, along with customization and seamless integration across all levels of your organization.


How Jade Can Help you with Low-Code Application Development

Our Low Code Application Development (LCAP) Services address those key areas that can adversely affect your software quality, which eventually leads to technical debt. Our services fix bottlenecks like slow development, transformation setbacks, and resource crunch.

Jade’s Expertise


Business Benefits of Jade’s Low Code Application Platform Services

  • Legacy Application Modernization & technical debt reduction
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Process Automation & Workplace Innovation

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