Jade Global Learning & Development Initiative

At Jade Global, our success is delivered and sustained through our people and their expertise.

We pride ourselves in being an employee-centric organization and nurture our employees throughout their Jade Global careers. From the time they are hired, we enroll employees in programs to develop and enhance their skill sets, which not only contribute to their learning but also ensure a high retention rate. Since we operate in a highly competitive marketplace driven by ever-changing technological innovations, we make it a top priority to educate our employees on how to achieve optimal business outcomes for our clients.

Our Learning & Development initiative prepares Jade Global employees at all levels to be perceptive to client business needs. Jade Global L&D is comprised of a wide range of structured learning programs. From our Campus Hires Program to Upskilling Program for Laterals, to Emerging Technologies, to Managerial Development, we cover all stages of an employee lifecycle. Below are some of the L&D programs offered to Jade Global employees:

Campus Boot Camp

Our 12-week Campus Boot Camp program is customized for entry-level and B.Sc. IT graduates who are hired through campus and off-campus recruitment. The rigorous sets of technical modules that these new hires undergo as part of the Boot Camp prepare them for deployment in a client project.

Emerging Technologies

Our Emerging Technologies program ensures employees get hands-on experience using the latest technology. This program prepares employees for certifications in accordance with the following “ACE” pillars:

A – Alignment with business
C – Capability building
E – Engaging employees

Managerial Development Program

This university curriculum framework is tailor-made to serve employees based on their core competencies, role-specific competencies, and leadership competencies. The specialized learning catalog in our Managerial Development Program provides managers and senior managers with the right skillsets to thrive in their existing roles, as well as future leadership positions.

Jade Tech

Jade Tech is an integral part of our skill-building program that aims to update our employees with emerging digital skills. This program focuses on the key areas of Big Data, Digital, Cloud, and DevOps.
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