By 2024, close to 95% of customer engagements will be underlined by Artificial Intelligence. With customer expectations rising and apparent anticipation for more integrated omnichannel and highly personalized experiences, AI will prove to be a trump card in providing smart, easy, smooth, and convenient interactions, rethinking, and inventing the entire customer experience canvas.

Continuous research and innovation directed by tech giants worldwide drive the adoption of advanced technologies in industry verticals, such as automotive, healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing.

This means it is time for us, the people behind the wheel, to catechize to translate this knowledge and apply it to our business model to inform our customer interactions.

To infuse AI into the business' daily culture, a big bang top-down initiative can work, but for some time. I can get all excited and push this vision to my team, but what will it take to make it a part of my organization's DNA? Isn't this the question we IT leaders are thinking aloud?

In the book "The Algorithmic Leader" by Mike Walsh, the author describes how using the wheels of algorithmic experience (Intentions->interactions-> Identity), you can start anticipating the behavior and design the user experiences even before the user asks for it.


Now let us apply the wheels of algorithmic experience theory to daily operations about managed services. Here we manage a large set of enterprise applications in finance, procurement, HR, IT, Legal, Supply Chain, Infrastructure, etc. We thought it best to begin home.

For my team and me to be effective, we started a journey map of users in each of these areas to identify the users' anticipated behaviors. As demanded by them, we started focusing on anticipated user experience and delighted if a managed services provider could predict in advance. This will substantially reduce manual work by providing tools and automation to make their daily job easier.

Three-Step Approach (AMS)

To ensure that innovation resonates not as a touch and go but a sustained culture of our managed services offerings, we embarked upon a three-step approach that stems from the grassroots level.

A – Anticipate

M – Map customer use cases to Technology

S – Sustain the culture of innovation by integrating it in daily processes levels for a managed services engagement



Department Anticipated Use Cases
  • Opportunity Predictor – where I can easily find the opportunities which have 75% or more chance to close in a given month
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sentimental Analytics for People Retention
  • Candidate Joining Prediction
  • Customer Behavior analytics for Collections or on-time payments
  • Cash Flow Predictions
Supply Chain
  • Demand Planning
  • Mitigating the charge-back risks
  • Sensing Market Situations
  • Improving accuracy in the tracking of departing and arriving orders

I can think of many use cases anticipating the user's behavior to make their life easier. The key is to apply Machine Learning capabilities and data analytics to segment this data to provide unique business value creation for users.


At Jade Global, we support our enterprise customers, anticipate the business needs for numerous use cases, and then work with our principal innovation team – Jade Labs. We work closely with our business consultants to create the solutions that break new grounds in customer engagements and experiences.

AI Powered Intelligent Automation Solutions for the Enterprise

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Integrating our Managed Services Operation with AI Operations' thinking is essentially integrating ITIL Problem management process to create solutions that transform the way users imagine applications. We create unique experiences specific to customer business problems. This had generated a funnel for innovative ideas to feed into the process, anticipating new use cases to help customers be more personalized. We do this using the common framework of mapping our innovation engine- Kanverse (AI) and other automation tools developed in-house, staying in step with cutting edge technological breakthroughs.

Some of the use cases we have successfully helped are Opportunity Predictor, Auto Remediation of user administration cases, intelligent ticket routing, and many others.

More importantly, we are excited that we have instilled this sustaining innovation thought process in our service delivery managers. They review trends of ongoing support issues informed diligently by AIOps and help solve business problems. This to create solutions that mark customer experiences now, immediately, tomorrow, and the unforeseeable future.


The objective of permeating AIOps driven processes through managed services and our unique approach allows Jade Global to expedite innovation and make it an innate part of how this is applied to businesses we serve.

Jade Global has emulated the Algorithm to achieve this sustained innovation culture for its practices and fuel customer experience, linking it seamlessly to their objectives.

We continue to enhance our value creation to customers and pervade a culture of innovation to deliver Next Generation of Managed Services and create new standards.

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