Oracle has made some changes to the EPM Cloud Service and our clients have asked what that means for them. The information below clarifies these changes to Oracle EPM products and pricing.

Why is Oracle Changing EPM Cloud?

Customers can now pay a single price per user and will have the ability to expand features whenever required to meet changing business needs.

The New Oracle EPM Product Names, Bundles, and Pricing

Oracle has opted for names that reflect the functions and business processes" they solve. The new bundle and pricing model aims to provide more value and integration between business processes.

The NEW Oracle EPM product names are related to business processes.

  • PBCS and EPBCS are Oracle Planning
  • FCCS is Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close
  • ARCS is Oracle Account Reconciliation
  • EPRCS is Oracle Narrative Reporting
  • PCMCS is Oracle Profitability and Cost Management
  • TRCS is Tax Reporting
  • EDMCS is Enterprise Data Management

Oracle EPM Product bundles are available in 3 SKUs

Oracle has consolidated all EPM products into 3 SKUs. The Oracle EPM products are no longer sold separately. However, Enterprise Data Management is sold separately.

Standard Edition includes:

  • Module-based Planning
    • Capital, Financials, Projects, Workforce, and Strategic Modeling – 5 Seeded Hybrid BSO Cubes & 1 Seeded ASO
    • 1 Unseeded Hybrid BSO Cube and 1 Free Unseeded ASO Cube
    • All BSO Cubes are deployed in a Hybrid
    • Up to 8 Cubes
  • Narrative Reporting
    • This includes Narrative Reporting and Management Reporting
    • Note: does NOT include Disclosure Management
  • Financial Consolidation & Close
    • Supplemental Data Management, Financial Consolidation, Close Management
    • It does NOT include Advanced Calculations, Custom Calculations, Intelligent Process Automation, and Intelligent Performance Management
  • Account Reconciliation
    • This includes Reconciliation Compliance
    • Note: does NOT include Transaction Matching
  • Standard Pricing
    • Standard costs $250 per named user (a single, unique user across all included business process options) per month for ONE business process. A 10-user minimum is also applied
    • Customers will utilize a single pod across all business process options. Additional pods will cost an additional $2,500 per month

Enterprise Edition includes

  • Module-based Planning
    • Capital, Financials, Projects, Workforce, and Strategic ModelingSeeded module cubes: Up to 5 Hybrid BSO and
    • 1 ASO cubes Free Cubes: Up to 3 Hybrid and 4 ASO
    • Up to 13 Cubes
  • Custom Based Planning
    • Custom (6 Hybrid Custom cubes + 6 ASO cubes)
    • Free Form Option – Flexibility to buy Stand-alone Essbase cubes within the planning offering (1 Cube choice of ASO or BSO)
  • Narrative Reporting
    • Includes Disclosure Management
  • Financial Consolidation & Close
    • Includes all features and support for Complex and Custom Calculations
  • Account Reconciliation
    • Includes Transaction Matching
  • Profitability & Cost Management
  • Tax Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Enterprise Pricing
    • Enterprise will cost $500 per named user per month. A 25-user minimum applies and
    • Enterprise Data Management is capped at 5,000 records
    • Additional Pods do not cost additional fees.

How Do the Changes in the Products and Licensing Impact Our Customers?

  • The strategy is to stay on the current license agreement until expiration and then transition to the new solution
  • Migrate to the license and cancel the existing agreement
  • Use LCM Life cycle Management to migrate the existing objects to the new Cloud environment. This is the more common strategy. This would require a full retest of all the rules, formulas, and performance.
  • Customers already using EPM solutions ($120 per user per month), such as ARCS, FCCS, and PBCS, will have to pay a premium post-license expiry.


The EPM solutions require strategy, implementation, and alignment of your business processes.

Please get in touch if you need help assessing your options for the new EPM Cloud pricing model. Read the relevant blog here: Oracle BI and EPM are Converging - Are You Ready?

Our Consulting team will evaluate which option suits your business needs and provide the next steps.

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