E-Business Suite Upgrade and its Advantages

If you are a current Oracle customer on EBS 12.1 or an earlier version, leveraging sustaining support and planning to have your e-Business Suite upgraded to 12.2, you should think of upgrading to the latest version, 12.2.11.

Launched in November 2021, Oracle EBS 12.2.11 is stable, and customers are embarking on it. Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2’s new features provide long-term support with Premier Support committed through at least 2033.

Oracle Follows a “Continuous Innovation” strategy of adding new capabilities and underlying technology stack updates without requiring a major upgrade to E-Business Suite. Oracle E-Business Suite helps in leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and can coexist effectively with complementary Oracle SaaS applications.

Application and Technology Upgrades are as Follows

  • R12.2.X supports online patching
    • EBS remains available to users during patching operations.
    • R12.2 has a dual File system. Run File system and Patch File system, and both are identical.
    • The dual File system feature is mainly introduced to support online patching (ADOP).
  • Edition-based Redefinition is used in EBS R12.2, enabling you to upgrade an application’s database objects while it is in use, thus, minimizing or eliminating downtime.
  • Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) – The version includes 32 command centers with more than 110 dashboards in the following areas.
    • Financials: Receivables, iReceivables, Payables, Assets, Lease Contracts (Financials), Lease and Finance Management.
    • Procurement and Projects: iProcurement: Consumer-like Shopping, Procurement, Projects, Project Procurement, Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector.
    • Order Management and Logistics: Order Management, Inventory Management, Advanced Pricing, iStore: Modern Shopping Experience, Landed Cost Management, Channel Revenue Management, Incentive Compensation.
    • Manufacturing: Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Outsourced Manufacturing, Project Manufacturing, Cost Management, Quality.
    • Asset Lifecycle and Service: Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Tracking, Service Contracts, Service (TeleService), Field Service, Depot Repair.
    • Human Capital Management: Human Resources, Payroll
  • Updated Look and Feel:
    • In earlier 12.2.X releases, different UI “themes” are available to provide flexibility in UI look and feel. You can use these delivered themes or create your own themes.
    • With 12.2.11, a new “Redwood Theme” is provided to “‘enable look and feel” consistency with Oracle’s SaaS applications.
  • Additional APIs for Extensions and Integrations
    • Inventory: Create Sub-Inventories
    • BOM:Maintain Resources, Standard Operations, and Routings, Transfer Engineering Items to Manufacturing
    • Product Hub: Update Customer Items and Customer Item Cross References, Manufacturer Part Numbers
    • Configured Items: Selective Copy Cross References
    • Discrete Manufacturing: Change Order Notifications: Configuration
    • Warehouse Management: Multi-Project LPN Consolidation
    • Process Manufacturing: Draw Sample
  • Support for Outbound REST Services:
    • With 12.2.11, support for outbound REST services is provided. It also provides the ability to invoke those services with new or existing Business Events.
  • Upgrade database to latest version 19c.
    • Improved performance, scalability, reliability, and security for all their operational and analytical workloads.
    • Automatic Indexing.
    • SQL Diagnostics and Repair Enhancements.
    • Bitmap Based Count Distinct SQL Function.
    • Big Data and Performance Enhancements for In-Memory External Tables.
    • Automatic SQL Plan Management.
    • Real-Time Statistics.
    • High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection.
    • Hybrid Partitioned Tables.
  • EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and EBS cloud manager
    • Oracle provides EBS Cloud Manager automation for:
      • Provisioning of EBS environments on OCI.
      • “Lift and shift” of fully configured, on-prem EBS environments to OCI.
      • Lifecycle management of EBS environments running on OCI Releases.
  • R12.2.11 support modern database architecture.
    • Adopting Database Standards, Public APIs, Features, and Architecture, while new EBS System Architecture will benefit all EBS customers, whether on-prem or OCI.
      • Improvements to the separation of duties and security
      • Certification of Unified Auditing
      • Simplified integration with Oracle Database Vault
      • Easier and cleaner adoption of new database features
      • Faster database certifications with new database releases
      • Enablement of a planned certificate with Oracle Autonomous Database


Recently, Jade Global has helped multiple customers in various industries such as Government, Semiconductor Manufacturers, and Insurance to upgrade their environment to 12.2.x and the latest version, 12.2.11.

Of all custom object types, retrofitting OAF pages to the new 12.2.x environment is a daunting task. Jade has levered best business practices and our proprietary tools to expedite transformational upgrades, including implementing new features and ECC enablement.

Some of the new 12.2.11 features that were added during recent transformational E-Business Suite upgrades are as follows.

  • Milestone Billing has been added as an additional flavor to Recurring Billing.
  • Desktop Integration Framework (Web ADI) support has been introduced in this release of Order Management. This has helped to automate Create a New Order or Quote, Updating any existing Order or Quote, Creating one or more lines on a current Order or Quote.
  • With Oracle Mobile iProcurement for Oracle E-Business Suite, employees can monitor their requisitions and take action on the go.
  • Spreadsheet-Based Authoring of Purchase Order Lines. Purchasing users can now use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to create or modify purchase order lines, schedules, and distributions.
  • The Journal Approvals functionality in Oracle General Ledger has been enhanced to provide integration with Oracle Approvals Management and Oracle Workflow to provide greater flexibility in defining journal approval rules.

Jade can help you successfully migrate to EBS 12.2.11 to leverage Modern User Experience, Functional Innovation, and Operational Efficiency. Contact-us now!

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Samir Rane

Samir Rane

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Swati Kane

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Swati has over 16 years of experience in EBS and Oracle Fusion Implementations, R12 Upgrades, Enhancements, and Support (11i, R12.x.x). She has worked extensively for the past 4 years on integration between Oracle fusion applications and various third-party systems using Boomi and OIC as an integration tool.

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