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A Complete Lead to Cash Partner

Jade Global can help your organization envision and implement complete Lead to Cash process by connecting front office, middle office and back office.

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A complete Lead to Cash Partner: CPQ, CLM, Billing and e-Signature

A complete lead to cash solution helps centralize all Business-Critical processes in a unified system. It brings together CPQ, CLM, Billing and e-Signature. At Jade Global we help our Clients implement Lead to Cash process in a piecemeal, staged process or in a process that considers how these various systems will interact with each other and what level of integration they require. Configure Price Quotes is a tool that helps organizations to create quick, accurate, and error-free Quotes on Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Cloud. Today’s businesses demand innovative, complex yet simple to sell quotes to customers. Let Jade Global help you develop a strategy and implement your Quote to Cash (Q2C) processes, Contract Lifecycle Management and e-Signature Solution. Jade Global provides advisory services to define executive vision, technology assessment and lay down the program roadmap to implement CPQ, CLM and Billing Solution across multiple products like Salesforce CPQ and Conga (Apttus). This enables seamless downstream order processing and execution for enhanced customer experience. We will help you envision and implement complete Lead to Cash process by connecting front office, middle office and back office.

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Why Jade Global?

  • We help customers envision the journey to connect front office, middle office and back office with inhouse consultants in various technologies
  • 250+ Certified expert with experience to implement CPQ with multiple enterprise companies
  • Expertise in implementing complete Lead to Cash lifecycle (CPQ + BILLING + ERP)
  • Help companies shift to a renewable revenue model (recurring)
  • Expertise in painting an end to end process for customer connecting front office, middle office & back office

How Jade Global will help you implement Lead to Cash Process?

Jade Global can help you to select right tool between Salesforce CPQ or Conga (Apttus) CPQ. We have extensively worked on implementing both CPQ solutions and can advise which would be the right CPQ solution for your organization.

Key considerations while implementing CPQ is to envision how would your data flow in your complete Lead to Cash lifecycle. Jade Global has inhouse capabilities in frontend in the form of Salesforce and middleware like Boomi, Mulesoft, and backend systems like NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP, etc.

front office middle office back office

Expertise in implementing all SaaS scenarios (Net new business, New business, Upsell, Downsell, Upgrade, Downgrade, Product Swaps, Cancellations, Automated Renewal)
More than 50% of sales wins go to companies that are first responders. Long sales and quoting processes will negatively impact sales quota. CPQ is the ultimate sales tool for speed and efficiency. It eliminates manual quoting and simplifies business complexity, so your salespeople have more time to sell. CPQ drastically shortens the sales cycle by having one central location for all product and pricing information, providing guided selling recommendations, user-friendly interfaces and configurations that manage product complexity.
We are experienced advisory partners in helping customers successfully implement various selling models (One Time, Recurring, Usage based models, Capacity based models)
You can get following Non-GAAP metrics from your CPQ implementation for seamless coordination between finance and sales teams:
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Total Contract Value
  • Churn / Renewal Rates
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Avg. Revenue per User
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Revenue Backlog

Traditional Features: Experts at connecting Orders to ERP System (Billing downstream)

New Features: Experts in doing billing upstream using Salesforce Billing/ Conga (Apttus) Billing and invoicing (Lead to Invoice)

New Features: Experts in doing billing using Salesforce Billing/ Conga (Apttus) Billing and payment gateway integrations upstream (Syncing financial information downstream)

Components of Lead to Cash process

salesforce cpq

Salesforce CPQ + Billing

Quickly Configure, Price and Quote complex deals
Give Sales teams and channel partners the necessary tools to quickly configure, price and quote complex solutions. Automate discounts, pricing and approvals to maximize revenue and margins.

Build recurring customer relationships
Launch products with one-time subscription or usage-based pricing models. Automate complex billing requirements and electronic payments for timely invoices and cash collection. Minimize churn by proactively reaching out to customers ahead of their contracts' expiration.

Make smarter business decisions
Unify sales and finance with complete visibility across the customer lifecycle from quote to retention. Leverage the AppExchange and our ISV partners to integrate with ERP. Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices and payments for actionable intelligence.

Leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Billing and use the terminology necessary to effectively communicate with others about Salesforce Billing.

Configure Salesforce Billing to meet a wide variety of business requirements involving booking, billing, cash and revenue.

Conga (Apptus) CPQ + CLM

Superior selling across channels using Apttus
CPQ makes it easy to manage your multichannel strategy and support best practices everywhere you sell. The same CPQ system serving your reps should also govern your partner channels without causing confusion or compromising any sensitive information.

Targeted data controls
CPQ grants you full control over which partners, groups or channels can access certain pricing or product information so you can target the data you provide to your different stakeholders. You can manage channel-specific prices, promotions, revenue-sharing programs, portals and other channel strategies all from a single CPQ system.

Single source of truth
Provide real-time, up-to-date product data to approved users within the company, partners or resellers so all channels operate with current information. Consolidate all your customer data in the same system, no matter what channel it originates in, to dramatically improve your visibility into all sales.

Incentives and Intelligence
By providing the right intelligent information and incentives during the quoting process — whether through commissions, channel promotions or other tools — you can drive preferred behaviors by your partners and resellers, so they are always acting in your best interest.

salesforce cpq
salesforce cpq

DocuSign CLM

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) lets you manage sell-side contracts directly on the Salesforce/ Conga (Apttus) platform. We can request contracts right where you manage customer relationships and opportunities, with one familiar user experience to accelerate sales cycles. This improves your bottom-line impact. We can set up the solution to automatically notify stakeholders when specific milestones are reached, as well as easily track the obligations on both sides of the contract so we can send reminders and prepare for any necessary collection activities. Some of the benefits you can look forward to are:

  • Accelerate sales cycle time with one-click quote to contract, next best action recommendations, automated workflows, standard T&Cs and version tracking and control
  • Reduce risk exposure with improved governance
  • Maximize lifetime value of the agreement with instant insight into performance against contractual commitments and potential new opportunities
  • Improve renewal rates with proactive alerting and recommendations
  • Harmonize global processes for each contract type

e-Signature Products: DocuSign, Adobe

Jade Global can help customer implement two leading signature products with customers choice of CPQ solution Salesforce CPQ or Conga (Apttus). Both signature tools work seamlessly with these CPQ packages.

salesforce cpq

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