Implementing Integrated and Connected Systems for High-Tech Industry

High-Tech Industry means the involvement of advanced workflows, various cloud and on-premise applications, legacy systems and modern equipment. Semi-Conductor manufacturer, or Organizations dealing with Hardware, Network Appliances and Services or IT and Enterprise Software, all need fastest, easiest way of connected business to provide best breed of products and services to their customers. Employees, Partners, Suppliers and other stakeholders need to be connected, engaged and operationally efficient for accelerated business outcomes.

Dell Boomi, a cloud-native integration platform connects disparate data and applications to drive greater business agility and superior customer service in High-Tech Industry, helping organizations respond to market disruptions and increasing competitive pressures. It has helped more than 10000 customers globally to achieve seamless integration between cloud and on-premises applications, automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and B2B transactions. You can connect anything anywhere with the help of Boomi Unified Platform.

Jade Global, is the premier, trusted select Boomi implementation partner which has helped more than 50 small-to-large organizations with its faster and cost effective Boomi implementation services. We are specialized in enterprise-grade integrations solutions for almost all types of business use cases, Like:

  • Digitizing Customer Experience - Accelerated Customer journey, 360 Customer Views
  • Human Capital Management – Accelerated Employee Onboarding, HR integrations like Workday, ADP, SAP, NetSuite, Concur etc
  • Finance and Accounting – Quote to Cash Automation, Integrations of CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics) and ERP (Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, SAP, NetSuite etc)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/B2B) - Streamline trading partner onboarding experiences with the ability to scale a high volume of EDI transactions and translations like Purchase Order, Invoice, Ship Notification etc
  • Merger and Acquisitions - Automates data acquisition integration from subsidiary on-premises or cloud applications, corporate applications, or to a central data warehouse, merging multiple instances of ERPs, CRMs and Other applications
  • Revenue Recognition – Integrate ERP applications with Revenue Recognition systems like RevPro, RevSys etc

With extensive integration implementation experience and deep expertise in Boomi Unified Platform, Jade is the perfect choice for all types of organizations.

We help our customer achieve “Accelerated Business Outcomes” with Boomi Platform.

Implementing Integrated
Implementing Integrated


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Boomi ROI

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