Leading in an Uneasy World
Published by Karan Yaramada

They say life goes on until one day it doesn’t.

2020 began with great promise. Global economic growth is projected to rise from an estimated 2.9 percent in 2019 to 3.3 percent in 2020 and 3.4 percent for 2021. Gartner had forecasted that…

by Lavanya Duptala

In Salesforce, we use it as expressions of expected sales revenue. They are useful for sales teams to predict and plan their sales cycle from pipeline to closed sales, and to manage sales expectations throughout the company. It is basically…

by Akash Bagal

SAP is one of the powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. SAP offers a rich set of methodologies, more advanced software tools to get your ERP solution on track quickly to help to achieve your business goals.

Any enterprise…

COVID 19 Blog
by Reha Prasad

As COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation and the world, businesses are looking for ways to stay productive in the face of unprecedented challenges. Managing staff procedures, increasing, or decreasing headcount, and maintaining workloads have…

by Kshitij Shah

The coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has resulted in changes to advertising, marketing, promotional and media spends, forcing businesses and brands to reevaluate their strategy about current and future marketing and sales campaigns to…

Recurring Revenue Tracking
by Rajesh Wani

As evolution of internet in 90s then cloud computing 2000, more companies started building product and related offering which can be access over internet. This product are categories as subscription services and companies adopted Subscription…