Warehouse Management Solution for Retail Companies

Our Client is a privately held garment manufacturer whose large selection of women’s and children’s clothing is marketed under private labels and its own through major retail and online stores in the United States.

Client Requirements

  • To scan worksheet for ordered (expected) quantities
  • To count (Actual) garment lot for style, color, and size.
  • To identify missing garments (expected – actual)
  • To identify wrong garments that are placed in the queue by error

Key Challenges

  • Clearinghouse is responsible for the right count of the expected garments as mentioned in the warehouse. Short quantities lead to chargebacks from the customers
  • Manual verification of price labels is error prone
  • The barcode on the price tag may be unreadable and may go undetected

Jade Global’s Solution – Clearing House Audit

  • Worksheet barcodes provide the expected quantities and are checked against the price label
  • System alerts (beeping device) when scanned barcode is unreadable or does not belong to the expected lot
  • At the end of the audit cycle the user can see the missing quantities and can get the same from the stock

Business Benefits

  • Easy to use solution for warehouse personnel
  • Protects manufacturer from customer chargebacks as the shipped quantity is accurate and an audit trail is available if required