Our customer is a leading supplier of intelligent communication solutions for the Core, Metro, Access, Enterprise and Digital Home network market segments. Their diverse product portfolio (300+ products), with tens of millions of units shipped per year, is installed in the top 25 global networks.

Our Customer’s Challenge

  • Needed a Single source of data for employee information globally.
  • Excessive time spent managing changes for Focal and benefits enrollment processing. Data on multiple spreadsheets.
  • Benefits processing done manually with paper forms.
  • Manual data entry into Insurance Carriers’ systems. Reduced data integrity.
  • Employees lacked visibility to their current and prior elections.
  • PANs filled out by managers and walked through approval process.
  • Paper trail compromised employee data security.
  • Managers lacked real‐time data on their teams, relying on spreadsheets.
  • Mid‐cycle changes cumbersome for managers, submitted using manual forms (salary, titles, departments, addresses, etc.).

Oracle Advanced Benefits, v. R12 – Employee Self Service


  • Manual work‐flow for notifying HR for demographic changes
  • Prior to Oracle used paper forms
  • It took 2 weeks to manually enter data (Open Enrollment)


  • Employees can view and enter their own data
  • Data automatically flows to insurance carriers & ADP payroll system
  • Reduced processing time from 2 weeks to 2 days
  • Greatly reduced the amount of labor used by both HR and employees
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Reduce HR materials & distribution costs (with statements, etc.)

Compensation Workbench, v. R12 – Manager Self Service


  • Data kept on multiple spreadsheets
  • Manually updated and entered into the system
  • Data integrity issues


  • 60-70% of work reduced by automation
  • Managers given real‐time visibility to their team
  • HR able to include built in recommendations
  • Managers able to make recommendations
  • Automated approval process using AME
  • Employee Statement – employees and managers can view a statement that outlines their compensation (salary, bonus, etc.)

Benefits Summary

  • Open Enrollment went from taking 2 weeks to 2 days
  • Improvement in data integrity
  • Improved data security
  • Reduced employee time spent by 60‐70% Managers have real‐time visibility to their team
  • Employees can view their current and prior elections
  • Automated approval process for compensation changes
  • Compensation statement