About the Client

ThoughtSpot, Inc. is a search and AI-driven Analytics platform for enterprises. Users can search to analyze company data in seconds and get automated insights. It is a technology company that produces business intelligence analytics search software.

The Solution

  • Automate various manual activities between Salesforce, Financial force, and NetSuite using Boomi iPaaS
  • Move integrations from Celigo integrator .ioa to a more flexible and scalable Boomi platform
  • Provide end-to-end real-time/scheduled integration between Salesforce and NetSuite for Account, Contact, Sales Order, Product, Credit Memo, Invoice, Payment, and opportunity objects
  • Provide end-to-end real-time/scheduled between Financial force Integration and NetSuite for Product Reference, Project, Billing Event, Milestone, and Exchange Rate objects
  • Integrate the attachments for all objects between Salesforce, Financialforce, and NetSuite
  • Link the Salesforce Opportunity with NetSuite Sales Order for ease of access
  • Customize error handling to provide details of all errors in an object


  • Developed a real-time, all-in-one integration solution that triggers in a single click of a button, developed on Salesforce classic and Lightning component for triggering Boomi process Financial Force to Sync data between Salesforce, Financial Force Implementation Services, and NetSuite
  • Customized error handling framework in salesforce so users can check any error in the Salesforce custom object
  • Developed a single process to sync Financial force data like Billing event projects and milestones using scheduled batch processing
  • Each integration process developed to handle multiple business rules with ease of updating the information using extensions
  • Developed Exception Handling and Email Notifications


  • Easy to sync all data in one click for the customer, project, contact, opportunity role, bill to and ship to contact sync
  • Easy to track errors in SFDC with one object containing all data
  • Business users can sync any data format with NetSuite
  • Exception emails/alerts regarding the automated process are sent to desired users
  • Business users can sync multiple PDF documents between source and target