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Fast and Cost-Effective Move to Snowflake

Jade Global’s unique migration recipe can help your organization migrate faster from on-prem legacy data warehouse to Snowflake – The First Cloud Native Platform

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Snowflake, BI & Data Solutions Experts

An end to end partner for your Snowflake Implementation and Migration from Legacy / On-Prem Data Warehouse

Cloud First and Cloud Transformation is a priority Digital Transformation initiative for most CIOs. In this journey, organizations are adopting the best of breed Cloud applications rather than building their own or spending on on-prem infrastructure. Many organizations have been looking for Snowflake – the first cloud native data platform as their next generation data platform.

Snowflake unique architecture helps solve many issues of Legacy on-prem data warehouse platforms like - Data Silos, poor performance, painful scaling, high cost, complex infrastructure and limited decision making. Snowflake is not only a data warehouse platform it is a complete data platform with capabilities of Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Engineering, Data Exchange, Data Apps as well as Data Science.

There are two major activities for most of the organizations looking to move to Snowflake:

  • Implementation
  • Migration

Implementation revolves around implementing Architecture, building Stages and Databases, creating Warehouses, applying Security, setting up Data Ingestion and extraction mechanism, ETL or ELT with due emphasis on best practices. On other hand, Migration revolves around Implementation plus data migration from current legacy on-prem data warehouse to newly built Snowflake stages and databases. These could be Lift and Shift or Complete / Partial Re-engineering. The Implementation and Migration time frame, cost, quality, troubleshooting, training and seamless operations are a major concern for most leaders.

Jade Global is one of the top Snowflake Select Solution Services Partners. We have been helping businesses across industries by providing end-to-end right data solutions by implementing as well as migrating to best of the breed cloud products like Snowflake. Our team of more than 150+ Certified Snowflake Experts, Data integration, BI and Data Solution Experts have been trying to overcome the pain of our customers by making the implementation and migration processes easier and faster by developing robust framework, pre-built architecture, tools and techniques with due emphasis on industry best practices, reduced cost and high throughput.

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Faster and Cost-Effective Snowflake Implementation and Migration

Key Features

Jade Global’s Snowflake, Data Integration and Solution Experts have developed a unique Implementation and Migration Recipe aiming for your successful GO-LIVE.

Key Highlights of Jade Global’s Snowflake Implementation and Migration Recipe:

  • Free Product Evaluation and ROI Assessment
  • Unique 4 Weeks DWCoE (Data Warehouse Center of Excellence) for implementing best practices, perform strategic assessment, setting up strong foundation and complete execution plan.
  • Pre-Built architecture and framework for accelerated Data Ingestion and Migration
  • Pre-Built architecture and framework for data synchronization between Snowflake, external applications and systems​
  • Pre-Built architecture and framework for secured data exchange with partners and suppliers (EDI & Non-EDI)​
  • Low code / no code data transformation
  • Manual and Automated end-to-end testing
  • Knowledge Transfer and Transition

Key Benefits

The Key benefits of Jade Global’s Snowflake Implementation and Migration Recipe:

  • Predict your ROI on Snowflake Migration – Free Service by Jade Global
  • Accelerated Implementation and Migration with up to 40% faster than traditional ways of Data Warehouse implementation and migration
  • Optimized Database Setup and Management with more than 300% reduction in data storage
  • Implementation and Migration Services cost reduction up to 30%
  • End-To-End complete implementation from data ingestion to data visualization and consumption
  • Faster query processing
  • No surprises of cost overrun
  • Faster outcomes and value to our customers with our unique execution methodology
  • End-to-end functional tested integration processes
  • Complete Knowledge Transfer and Transition to your team so that they are ready to take the operational responsibility after the Go-Live

How Jade Global will help you accelerate Snowflake Implementation and Migration

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Jade Global’s approach of accelerated outcomes is based on unique implementation methodology to ensure smooth execution, scalability, quality deliverables and a seamless hand-off to our customer’s team. Our execution model utilizes a well thought out strategy, pre-built framework, proven architecture and governance methodology that enables a seamless Snowflake implementation and migration to steady state operations with knowledge transfer and smooth transition. We can help accelerate your Snowflake Implementation and migration initiatives with our well aligned services which include Product Evaluation and ROI assessment, DWCoE, Implementation, Data Integration, Migration, Testing, Knowledge Transfer and Transition.

FREE Platform Evaluation and ROI Assessment

If you are planning to move to Cloud native warehouse and looking forward to learn more about Snowflake capabilities and predict the ROI, we offer you free platform evaluation and ROI assessment services. This will help you make the right decision. Our Snowflake Certified consultant(s) will work with you closely for a couple of weeks and understand your current system, architecture, usage and assess the business impact. You will get a full assessment report if Snowflake is the best fit for your organization or not. Also we will help you predict ROI on Snowflake Implementation and adoption.

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salesforce cpq

Snowflake implementation

Jade Global’s team of Snowflake and Data Solution Experts help customers right from the product evaluation phase till the successful implementation. Our 4 weeks Data Warehouse Center of Excellence program helps setup strong foundation for a successful implementation and migration. Our pre-built architecture and framework help accelerate a cost-effective implementation. Our iterative implementation approach brings rapid value for our customers. With each iteration, we focus on business needs, end state architecture, robust data model, efficient sql scripts, testing and validation, data security, secured data sharing, reporting needs, integrations, performance, monitoring and support. We ensure that our customers have the best possible cost-effective warehouse strategy for various workloads with optimal performance and concurrency. Jade Global’s Project Management ensures that the best practices are being followed for Iterative implementations, Program management, Cost Management, Change Management, Stakeholder Communications, Monitoring, Control and service level support.​

Migration to Snowflake

We follow an intelligent migration methodology starting with our unique DWCoE. Our iterative and focused execution help our customers migrate to Snowflake data platform in a fast and cost-effective way. Our migration execution involves Migration Planning, Scripts Conversion, Data Migration and Data Ingestion, Integrations of reporting and analytics tools, data validation, implementation of robust security and efficient Project Management. Being a One-Stop shop with expertise on source and target systems, our Snowflake and Data Solution experts take ownership of delivery and successful migration.

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Data Integration

Connecting data sources as well as data consumer applications with Snowflake is a major activity. We recommend right iPaaS platform to synchronize data between Snowflake and external applications. Our Iterative Integration methodology will enable you to get faster value out of your investment. Setting up connections, data modeling, data mapping and data transformations are few of the key activities while building the integrations between applications and Snowflake. If you have a need for data sharing with your partners and suppliers, we offer secured, fast and easy data sharing architecture and design. We help implement data sharing solution which supports both EDI and Non-EDI data exchange needs.


Jade Global has best in class process, QA / Testing tools, methodologies and resources to deliver a highly optimized and cost-effective solution for you. We will use the cumulative experience and knowledge we have gained over the years with similar migration to bench mark the deliverables for you. Our Prevent, Correct and Adapt methodology allows us to be both Proactive and Evolving which shows improvement in QA.

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Knowledge Transfer and Transition

Jade Global offers a transition program that spans over UAT till end of Post Go-Live Support (Warranty). Overlapping the transition plan with UAT and deployment phases enables your team to start the KT at an early stage. During support your team will focus on hands-on training through shadowing and reverse shadowing. This approach minimizes the risk as the Jade Global team transitions out. Jade Global proposes a Train-the-Trainer approach to enable users to ensure zero loss of knowledge after Jade Global transitions out. The critical success factors are:

  • Well-defined KT sessions with clear objectives
  • Well-defined published training plan
  • Well organized reference material
  • Means of collaboration to dissipate knowledge systematically
  • On the Job Training

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