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Our Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) Capabilities

Jade Global, an Oracle Platinum partner, offers comprehensive services across Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud suite of applications. Whether it is worldwide Oracle implementation, legacy modernization, process advancement or digital transformation, we take a comprehensive methodology in giving arrangements that offer result-driven outcomes with insignificant business disturbances.

Oracle EBS processes a huge measure of business-basic information, derives bits of knowledge, and creates reports, available in different oracle e-business suite versions. By implementing the Oracle EBS suite of items, we help our customers to:

  • Become cost-effective
  • Enhance their performance
  • Take better and informed decisions

Jade Global helps customers plan, prepare and execute both incremental implementations and full-fledged transformations. Our services range from Consulting (strategy and guide creation, architecture assessment, business process normalization and harmonization), Implementations and Rollouts, Upgrades and Platform Migration, Application Management and Support too

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What Are Your EBS Applications Challenges?

In a recent survey of Oracle EBS users, 63% listed cost optimization as their highest priority, and 46% said that the high cost of maintenance and support was their primary issue with the application. However, post-migration, associations find that the progressing undertakings of overseeing and advancing cloud processes are more resource-intensive than expected, removing time and money from core competencies and development.
A managed services provider can help with the underlying cloud migration, ensuring a successful transfer on time and inside budget. However, a MSP can likewise take on progressing cloud management duties, controlling expenses and reducing waste.
With information breaches and security failures on the rise, and the average expense to remediate a breach expected to pass $150 million of every 2020, data security is a first concern for businesses in all industries. An organization utilizing the Oracle E-Business Suite picks up value from the information generated by and stored in the network, yet ensuring that sensitive information remains secure – identifying threats, resolving vulnerabilities, and keeping up security conventions – is both troublesome and time-devouring.
A managed services provider can likewise take on security, ensuring that updates and patches are installed, that systems are monitored for threats and vulnerabilities, and that information remains secure.
Preparing information for examination can be the most time-devouring and tedious piece of information investigation. It is additionally basic, to keep Oracle EBS arrangements performing and efficient, to regularly separate active from inactive information and put away information that is not, at this point used.
A MSP with deep experience in Oracle EBS can be leveraged to take on information cleansing and information management activities, to ensure ideal system performance and ensure that information is accurate, useful and reliable.
Like any complex software deployment, Oracle EBS must be tested on a regular premise so as to ensure its performance remains at an acceptable level. A comprehensive testing plan should push EBS as far as possible utilizing techniques, for example, stress testing, yet additionally include everyday use cases and regular activities, for example, budgetary reporting.
From worldwide supply chains to intense competition, the pressures that companies face today are unique. Oracle Accelerate arrangement from Jade Global for Oracle E-Business Suite helps firms change the manner in which they direct their business, by giving streamlined arranging and operations, effective gracefully chain management and effective budgetary management. Oracle Accelerate arrangement is easy and quick to implement as it incorporates fast implementation tools.

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We will help you navigate all the options that come with the Oracle E-Business Suite, and set on the road to success with the following:

  • Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Integration with Fusion Middleware components
  • Oracle EBS upgrade planning
  • Oracle EBS upgrade execution
  • Integration with Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Oracle EBS operational support
  • Single sign-on configuration
  • Migration to engineered systems
  • Cloud migration planning and deployment
  • Oracle database integration and configuration


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  • End-to-end offerings, providing a full assessment analysis
  • Reduction in total cost
  • Delivery excellence with proven experience
  • Our implementation and support teams are experts in the newest EBS releases
  • Experienced teams can Handle all your implementation or upgrade requirements
  • Provide key services for the upgrades of your E-Business Suite solution
  • Expertise and support to customers on EBS’s newest release, 12.2.x.
  • Handle all your most critical upgrade requirements
  • Full Business Process Re-engineering support and team of experts
  • Flexible and adaptable approach geared for success