The most successful businesses in the world have one thing in common. They have learned the art of harnessing their data most efficiently.

Jade Global, a BI/Analytics services expert, has been helping many such businesses with its Cloud based BI solutions.

One such client is Backcountry, a leading outdoor gear retail business, which we helped migrate from a complex legacy BI application to Google Cloud’s Looker BI platform. Using Looker embedded analytics and google cloud cost management, they were able to set budget version in business intelligence.

They are driving the next generation of innovation by creating a scalable data architecture and cutting costs dramatically while embedding analytics in modern applications.

Do you want to know how?

To take you through this journey, we have arranged a special webinar for you where our BI experts from Jade Global and Backcountry will provide you with detailed insights on:

  • How can you achieve platform standardization?
  • Backcountry’s motivation behind adopting a cloud-based solution
  • How did Backcountry achieve dramatic cost savings?