Find the Best way to Reduce Inventory with Supply Chain Analytics

Find the Best way to Reduce Inventory with Supply Chain Analytics

Jade Global
July 25, 2017

It is said that the key to successful supply chain management is finding the best way to reduce inventory. Easier said than done, but drilling deeper into your supply chain data is a good way to start. Sophisticated software systems track supply chain data through three main flows; product, information, and finance. Prebuilt applications like Oracle Business Intelligence analyze each of these flows with sophisticated, easy to use, fully customizable reports and dashboards. They provide holistic insights into shipping schedules, the physical status of goods, and order management to help managers determine the best way to fill an order. Supply Chain Analytics can also improve transportation and inventory planning, all of which help managers deliver on tight deadlines.

Jade Global’s Prebuilt Analytics Dashboard is built on Oracle’s BICS platform, the best-in-class analytics platform offering a full array of intuitive BI tools in a friendly interactive interface, with instant availability in the Cloud.

Jade Global also offers prebuilt data models for various industries that cater to the intelligence and reporting needs all the way from C level executives to low end users. All of the data can be viewed within advanced visualizations featuring KPIs, graphical report snapshots, trend graphs, and scorecards serving as a single source of truth throughout the organization. Read the blog: 3 Tips to Optimize Your Supply Chain