Is your organization aiming for carbon neutrality? Do you have a clearly defined roadmap and the right technology to proceed?

The global push for net zero emissions by 2050, as emphasized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and supported by international climate change treaties such as the Paris Accord, has put businesses under pressure to adopt net zero goals and sustainable technologies.

Find your Net Zero Solution with Salesforce and Jade

Salesforce, renowned for its leadership in customer relationship management (CRM), has emerged as a sustainability champion by achieving 100% net zero emissions across its value chain.

Salesforce has made its CRM solution, Net Zero Cloud, available to businesses worldwide. It is the go-to sustainable net zero solution to beat your challenges like limited visibility and data inaccuracy in emission tracking/reporting, complex stakeholder engagement, and compliance omissions.

Here is a comprehensive eBook with roadmap to achieving carbon neutrality through Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, along with Jade as the Summit partner for implementation, integration, maintenance, and more.

Table of Content
  • How to Get Started Toward Your Net Zero Goals
  • How Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Helps Manage Your Carbon Footprint
  • Salesforce Net Zero Cloud: Core Functionalities and Features
  • Additional Tools for Faster Achievement
  • How Jade Helps You Achieve Your Net Zero Goals Faster
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