This Datasheet introduces UserEase, a business solution built by Jade Global to streamline Salesforce user management, significantly reducing time and effort. With a focus on simplifying onboarding, offboarding, and access management, UserEase offers a unique UI and exclusive features to make Salesforce administration 50% faster.

Business Benefits to Your Business

One-Stop Access Management

Experience centralized access management in a minimalist user interface, effortlessly handling permissions for multiple users from one location.

Licenses & Cost Optimization

Seamlessly identify and deactivate inactive accounts, minimizing unnecessary license costs and optimizing budget allocation.

Compliance-Focused Onboarding

Mitigate compliance risks and penalties by ensuring error-free creation and management of user records and access permissions.

Access Management Templates

Utilize pre-defined templates for specific business units during user onboarding, eliminating the need for individual configuration.

Efficient Offboarding

Accelerate user offboarding with joint deactivation of multiple users, enhancing organizational data security and saving time.

UserEase is the ultimate solution for organizations with 500+ Salesforce users, frequent onboarding/offboarding, and dispersed users across various departments.