Defeating Covid-19

Jade Global is taking a small step to support the people in need at this difficult time due to Covid19. Our employees are contributing generously to keep up with their social commitment and Jade Global is making an equal match to such contributions.

The money is being donated to Feeding America in USA and to PM Cares Fund in India.

Feeding America


PM Cares Fund



COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation and all of us are doing our best to fight it globally. As the coronavirus pandemic extends across the world, it is important to adopt strong measures and follow safety precautions.
Nations and governments are fighting a serious battle – urging individuals to stay at home and consistently maintain social distancing to contain the spread of the virus. Consequently, many countries have closed down institutions/ establishments and, where possible most companies have been asked to implement remote working models.

At Jade Global, we believe in the power and strength of staying together as a family and, more so in the face of adverse situations. Our concern for employee health and safety is at par with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide secure and smooth remote working sessions and continue to make our IT infrastructure even more robust and scalable.
Jade Global took an early-lead in ramping up its business continuity plan to ensure that our remote staff had proper access to applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Internet dongles, to enable collaboration and enhance their productivity. Apart from providing an active IT infrastructure , enhanced security protocols that are essential for the success of any remote working model are also provided.

All the stakeholders in the process, including the management, employees, end-users, and clients, have been apprised of the data security issues. Our company staff have been issued secured company laptops with appropriate malware protection and restricted end-point functionality. Alternately, we have deployed VPN, depending on the nature of the threat involved , and as per client preference. At Jade Global, we have seen a growth in usage of platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, in addition to some internal digital solutions for increased virtual collaboration between teams. The spike in the usage of collaborative apps is a clear indicator of the important role that communication plays in any business continuity plan.

To enable smooth interaction, we have created a centralized digital platform for all our employees globally , to act as a repository of valuable information (such as all the precautions and emergency numbers dedicated to COVID-19 prevention and cure) which can be used for accessing remote systems and seeking help during personal emergencies. The users are mandated by the company to login to the platform and update their information for emergency.

Unlike floods and earthquakes, COVID-19 has demonstrated to be a challenge for leaders from a business perspective due to its dynamic and unforeseeable nature. Our executive team is in continuous communication with our global leadership to ensure the safety of our employees while maintaining our focus on our customers and support of daily operations and all projects. We value our partnership with each customer and strive to support without interruption to all services while we all understand and adapt to these rapidly changing conditions.

Stay healthy and stay safe! Should you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to

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