The solution, based on Oracle Supply Chain Management, helps Improve reliability, ownership and auditability for Excess and Obsolete (E&O) reserves while reducing the total process times.

Jade Global today announced an Oracle Accelerate Solution for Excess and Obsolete (E&O) Inventory Management for the hi-tech industry, a simple to deploy, industry-specific, packaged solution that offers a faster time to benefit, which means the ability to get the right solution in place quickly, at a lower cost, with a controlled scope and predictable returns. Based on Oracle Supply Chain Management, this solution provides an opportunity for companies to reduce their E&O provisions through a reliable and consistent method, use of alternatives in product structure, user commitments, and other simulations and what-if analysis. It also helps companies avoid being overly conservative about applying provisions or releasing previously applied provisions to eventually improve profits. Jade Global is an Oracle Accelerate solution provider and a Platinum level member in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

Today’s midsize hi- tech companies face a hotbed of operational and market challenges. Lengthy order-to-delivery cycle times for customized complex configurations can cause severe fluctuations in inventory levels. Obsolescence is a frequently occurring issue with regular configuration changes. Product life cycles are shortening, putting new pressure on midsize companies to improve product management processes and reduce obsolescence and excess inventory.

Jade Global has developed its Oracle Accelerate solution for managing the inventory reserves process for midsize companies. The solution is integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and at a high level the solution determines E&O and other inventory reserves, identifies needs to release prior inventory reserves, applies auto and manual exceptions, and reviews and approves the inventory reserves across multiple stake holders.

Jade Global’s Oracle Accelerate solution for Excess and Obsolete Inventory can help reduce required balance sheet reserves and help increases profit. It can help decrease E&O inventory analysis time to enable faster period-end close, provide reproducible tracking process to help reduce E&O inventory audit cost and help create a reliable and traceable process to increase visibility and reporting accuracy. For many companies E&O process is the major bottleneck in overall period close process.

Jade Global’s Oracle Accelerate solution for Excess and Obsolete Inventory provides an end-to-end comprehensive solution to calculate, compare and track reserves. It helps companies implement leading industry process for E&O inventory reserves by creating a single data repository for reserve related data. It can enhance inventory data visibility and trend analysis for functions across the organization to help improve inventory management and lower inventory cost and help improve forecasting and tracking of commit dates due to increased and timely visibility, and trend analysis.

Karan Yaramada, CEO, Jade Global said, “Jade Global’s Oracle Accelerate solution for Excess and Obsolete (E&O) Inventory can dramatically improve the management of your E&O process to enable compliance, enhance visibility and increase profitability. Maximizing excess and obsolete inventory has become a growing concern for every industry. Our Oracle Accelerate solution can not only help reduce the effort but can provide accurate numbers that can help executives and managers make informed decisions about their E&O reserves. We help replace poor visibility and high inventory with lower reserves and higher profits.”

“Jade Global’s Oracle Accelerate solution addresses the needs of midsize manufacturers in an increasingly competitive environment. It utilizes master and transactional data from ERP system and helps reduce E&O inventory reserves through transparency, ownership, preemptive mitigation and root cause analysis,” said Steve Cox, vice president, Oracle Midsize Programs. “Jade Global’s comprehensive, stand-alone solution integrates with ERP platforms and can help significantly reduce the cost, time and complexity of managing a high-tech company’s inventory”, he further added.

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