Know how can convert more shoppers with seamless B2C ecommerce transactions.

Is your need to get all the information you want together and sell faster, spend less time digging through spreadsheets and more time selling and close deals fast — whether you’re working at the home / office or on the road. If your answer is yes to the above, we can help

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Why A Salesforce B2C CRM Is Crucial?

While many B2B businesses swear by the Salesforce CRM toolset, the truth is that Salesforce is just as effective for B2C organizations. Whether you’re looking to increase demand, improve overall pipeline, increase selling velocity or streamline quote generation, Jade Global will help you assure business outcomes.

Jade Global is a Cloud-focused Salesforce Partner, with more than 100 consultants. Our team includes Salesforce implementation and optimization experts, architects, developers, data analysts and process integration specialists, who deliver results. We have a proven track record in complex CRM implementation, integration and optimization services across the Salesforce® CRM, Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Community Cloud, Marketing Clouds and AppExchange® solutions

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Do you want to Convert more shoppers & Sell smarter and faster.

You will be able to track customers through the entirety of the sales journey, recording any relevant information along the way. This will enable your sales teams (and other departments) to easily access the right data to be able to provide a seamless and positive customer experience. This is vital to B2C customer management, where organizations generally are dealing with large, diverse customer populations.
The cloud provides many distinct advantages to B2C businesses. Cloud B2C CRM systems don’t need expensive hardware installation and/or maintenance, operating from servers accessed via an internet. This means that your teams can access the same important data from any device or platform, eliminating potential compatibility issues. Since we understand you deal with high volumes of individual decision makers, the ability to access important customer information from anywhere, at any time, and to coordinate efforts withothers in the company will lead to a more mobile sales force capable of guiding prospective clients through the sales pipeline more effectively.
Since in B2C customers are more likely to move through the sales pipeline quickly, so if you end up having to wait for batch-processed customer data, you might find yourself lagging behind. CRMs that instead rely on real-time processing, updated instantaneously and capable of giving you an up-to-the-minute picture of exactly where your customers are and what they need, ensure that everything keep moving at the right speed.
No matter how much data is being captured and analyzed, it won’t do your business much good unless that data can be efficiently and effectively shared with decision makers. Salesforce will provide your teams data visualization, in the form of interactive dashboards featuring diagrams, graphs, charts, and other image-based representations to give authorised users all the important customer information and business data they need at a glance.
Social media is the most used customer support channel today, with as many as 67% of customers using social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) for customer-service and 33% of customers naming social media as their preferred customer service channel. Having a CRM that can be integrated into the entire range of customer service channels means that your business will be able to assist even the most technologically diverse clientele.
Managing your customer base we assume is already stretching the capabilities of your sales team. As such, ongoing tasks such as forms, reports, confirmation emails, follow ups, and the other bits of tedious-yet-necessary minutiae can end up using valuable sales-team time. With Salesforce you can automate many of the peripheral tasks associated with sales and customer service.

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Why Jade Global for Salesforce Transformation?

  • Salesforce CPQ Transformation Enable an integrated experience for your Sales, Finance and Service teams with modern CPQ. Experience personalized interactions, timely sales velocity, and business data continuity across the enterprise.
  • Salesforce Instance Optimization Services Jade Global has successfully reset CRM health, transaction performance, and enabled the next wave of digital growth for world-class organizations.
  • M&A Consolidation Allow our experts to translate your M&A plans into a phased implementation IT roadmap to streamline processes, reduce complexities, and manage TCO.
  • Salesforce to Salesforce Migration We help you conduct successful Salesforce data migrations from your current Salesforce org. to a new instance.