Testing Services

As a result of increased consumerization from the end users, companies have moved towards a complex application integration landscape. For a rich user-experience, quality testing of applications has become crucial. Further, advancement and emergence of technologies such as mobile, social media and clouds have elevated the importance of testing services. Jade Global understands the dynamic nature of technology and makes sure to offer testing services that will best yield the results. By offering best application experience in the production to achieve highest quality and reducing the application error, we reduce the adverse business effects for you.
For you to have a greater customer satisfaction, we provide enhanced security and performance with our efficient testing services. We offer you high quality application services with our in-depth and unmatched testing services. Our test method, which is an outcome of varied expertise work, will give you key indicators and lead to help you detect any error at an early stage, thereby, resulting in pro-active decision making.

Cloud Applications

Our successful testing of cloud applications manually as well as automatically is a testament to our expertise. Testing is often regarded as a necessary evil due to huge investment in terms of time and money yet due to the increase of cloud computing technology, testing is indispensable. Jade Global offers you most innovative and proficient cloud testing services through the integration of cost effective testing components. We reduce the complexity involved in testing of cloud applications.

We provide you a holistic testing services, integrating knowledge with minimum cost and quick time-to-market. We assure you the best business practice and cloud testing services.

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