Technology Advisory Services

Global business operations demand 24/7 operations of complex application footprints. IT leaders need to consistently evolve and create high end, efficient and agile business solutions. With large investments in new technologies, it is critical that those purchases yield high ROI through increased business value. Investment in the right technology is essential for companies to rapidly and effectively achieve their goals. We understand that IT leaders need to keep up with all the technology changes and create a high performance team supporting a highly secure ‘always on’ application suite. Our technology advisory experts consider three core dimensions of your environment – people, process and technology; to provide you the most comprehensive solutions to address your key business challenges.  We start with your strategic business agendas and help you convert them into IT initiatives, roadmaps and measurable projects. We help you keep your competitive edge while adopting and adapting to newer technologies for improved ROI.
Our strategic advisory services teams have expertise in the business application suites from Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, custom application services using CreateNow, and Oracle SOA, Open Source, and Java/J2EE. We have advised and supported many customers on their entire enterprise portfolio, including legacy applications with our comprehensive Application Managed Services offering. Jade Global offers services in the following areas:


Organizations continuously emerge and grow through innovations, new IT investments, and growth in their service portfolios. It is often difficult for these organizations to maintain efficiency and stability during this growth and expansion. Also, it is necessary to constantly assess the technological infrastructure to understand its sustainability and obsoleteness. Jade Global’s Assessment services are designed to provide you a complete analysis of your IT footprint with short, medium and long-term improvement recommendations and individual plans for implementations and improvements.

Through our assessment, you can identify new and essential and additions to your organization’s application environment along with being able to identify potential retirement opportunities for existing extensions. Our comprehensive and detailed assessment services, will help you build the best IT infrastructure to support your business. Reusable assets and automated tools, such as ProperoTM, increase the depth and breadth of the assessment providing you and your teams a more complete and actionable set of recommendations. Know more about ProperoTM

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