Salesforce ERP integration for increased sales productivity | Case Study

Salesforce – ERP Integration for Increased Sales Productivity

Our Client is a high growth rapidly expanding global real-time information network headquartered in San Francisco, with remote staff in New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Dublin and London. They own and operate a platform that enables users to broadcast short text messages and follow other users.

Client Requirements

  • To create a two-way integration between SFDC to Oracle EBS and Oracle EBS to SFDC
  • To allow the Accounts/Sales Order to be a batch job due to high volume of data
  • To create Sales Agreement, Accounts, and Product Integration
  • To pool and synchronize records with the system during job run
  • To maintain hierarchy in both systems

Key Challenges

  • Accounts, Sales Order, Sales Agreement and Products maintained in were not synchronized with their Oracle EBS database
  • Data discrepancy issues due to lack of integration, as accounts were being created in both systems
  • Upgrading Accounts in was a challenge, for those accounts that were originally created in Oracle and had parent associations
  • Sales orders in SFDC were being created and updated in different objects

Jade Global’s Solution – Data Synchronization and Systems Integration

  • SFDC to Oracle EBS - Imported data into staging table using JAVA Wrapper and further into Oracle EBS base tables using PL/SQL block
  • Oracle EBS to SFDC - Exported data to Staging table using PL/SQL block and further into SFDC Base Object using JAVA Wrapper

Business Benefits

  • Synchronized Data: Account and Sales Order records in SFDC and Oracle EBS
  • Performance: In spite of huge data volume the performance of both the systems is not degraded
  • Discrepancy in the data is removed to large extent.
  • Business process for ‘Customer Certification’ and ‘Order fulfillment’ were streamlined