Oracle Shop Floor Manager

Our customer is a leading fabless manufacturer. They develop Embedded Standard Product (ESP) and ESPs that deliver the guaranteed performance and lower cost of standard semiconductor products, coupled with the flexibility and time‐to‐market benefits of programmable logic.

Our Customer’s Challenge

Typical challenges faced by fabless semiconductor manufacturing companies revolve around outsourcing manufacturing activities to sub‐contractors for processing, assembly and testing with Sub‐contractors operating in different time zones. These are mainly,

  • Need visibility to the complete process of manufacturing
  • Need to manage Job starts and completes and have good visibility of inventory and WIP
  • Need to capture each operation of SORT, Assembly, Test, Program, BIN, Mark & Pack into the system to reflect activities of the sub-contractor
  • Need lot based tracking and manipulative power to Merge/Split/ Translate lots
  • Need to track Date codes with lots
  • Need to manage and streamline matching and payment process to subcontractors
  • Need to capture information on yield costing, scrap and PPV from all the operations
  • Need Analytical data from the system for MIS reporting

Jade Global used their established methodology to implement our Oracle Applications. We now have the best tools to maximize our shop floor visibility. By using industry tested practices, they made the conversion painless and effective. Looking forward to our continuing collaboration.

- Manager Applications

The Solution

Jade Global helped the customer evaluate different business process flows from the current work around processes, providing all pros and cons in each process. This helped the customer choose the best suited process to the resource to operations requirements. Set up “Outside processing workflow” enabling 3‐way matching that empowers AP to match each lot processed to the Invoice of the subcontractor.

Oracle Shop Floor Manager (OSFM) implementation helped with following,

  • Split/merge/translate of lots
  • Lot genealogy
  • Network routings
  • Yield costing

Jade Global also carried out precise “Data migration” from old system to new system, especially with standard routings to Network routings that work with OSFM.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerated manufacturing: Manage ever‐shrinking product life-cycles by speeding production and bringing new products to life.
  • Reduce overall costs: Gained manufacturing efficiencies that lead to lower costs and higher profitability.
  • Improve lot conformity: Ensure a consistently top quality product to maintain their customer base and build loyalty.
  • Respond to changes in demand: Measure, monitor, and act on the needs of their current customer base with comprehensive data.
  • Offer customized products: Differentiating them from their competitors by manufacturing personalized products—profitably