Oracle Implementation

The customer designs, finances, installs, and maintains residential roof top solar electric (PV) systems. The company faces many challenges as it in a young industry with few standards and rapid changes due to external factors such as good incentives, financing structure. The company provides solar energy equipment for consumers to reduce their electric bills without any cash outlay (lease).

Our Customer’s Challenge

Typical challenges faced by solar companies revolve around outsourcing Logistic and Finance & Accounting activities. These are mainly,

  • Enable Receivables (AR), General Ledger (GL) Cash Management (CE) Modules for the company’s Funds.
  • Need to manage and streamline the integration process between 3rd Party Logistics and Oracle.
  • Extract Sales Order information and emailing the file to 3PL (third party logistics).
  • Need to track the serial numbers at the time of shipping interface.
  • Need to manage and streamline the integration process between Lease Dimensions and Oracle. All Financial operations processed at Lease Dimension need to interface in Oracle Sub-ledger by customer so that the customer can develop reports as per the business needs.
  • Load customer invoices as deferred along with sales tax, fees, late charges into Oracle Receivables. Load adjustment as credit invoice into Oracle Receivables. Load utility rebates from utility company as invoices into Oracle Receivables. Create receipt and apply utility rebates invoices against the receipt. Load customer payments as receipts along with sales tax, fees, and late charges into Oracle Receivables and apply invoices against unapplied receipts.
  • Need to create Customers, Projects and Orders in Oracle for all Sold Customers in CRM V2.
  • Eliminate redundant manual efforts.

The Solution

With an Oracle implementation, Jade helped the customer in transforming their requests for Oracle upgrades into user friendly tools and increasing throughput without adding staff to the company’s Production Support. Jade evaluated different business process integrations flows from the current work around processes. Developed integration solution for Shipping & Receiving with 3rd Party Logistics, developed Customer, Project, Order Integration Solution between internal homegrown CRM V2 to Oracle, developed financial integration (invoices, receipts and GL) from Lease Dimension to Oracle.

Mutli-Org and Integration with Oracle helped with following,

  • Enable Multi-Org for all Funds
  • Automatic integration solution
  • Increase throughput without adding staff
  • Eliminate redundant manual efforts

This strategy was designed to be executed using proven Jade Global methodologies for the Onsite/Offshore model, keeping the Client involved at all stages and getting the bulk of work done Offshore to get maximum value for the client.

Business Benefits

  • Improve Productivity: Ensure a consistently top quality product to maintain their customer based and build loyalty.
  • Easy Integration Process: Ensure integrate process are streamline, consistent and user friendly.
  • Reduce overall costs: Gained efficiencies that lead to lower costs and higher profitability.