Jade Global Eased the Current Manual Processes of the Client by Implementing Oracle Projects and Oracle Fixed Assets and Helped their Business Expand to…

About the Client

The client designs, builds, and operates mission critical data centers that deliver 100% availability, high-density power, flexible configurations, carrier neutral connectivity, and superior customer service. The company has 113 MW of critical IT load spread across 1.5 million square feet of data center infrastructure in Northern California, Ashburn, Virginia, and Dallas, Texas, with significant growth plans in these locations and other top North American data center markets.


Information Technology and Services




Sacramento, CA

Business Requirement

The client was working towards automating their process for asset creation/ build and managing them after they were operational in an automated system. The current process used spreadsheets that were not efficient and took too long to complete. The client realized that this process could not be scaled to provide them with efficient usage and reporting details to help their management understand how they were doing in each location (data center).

Business Challenge

The client was working on projects that created and managed data centers in various locations which needed to be tracked and reviewed for financial viability. The areas/ cages within these data centers were specific to their customers and needed to be tracked, managed and billed to the customers at appropriate times. All these activities in spreadsheets were too cumbersome and inefficient. The client wanted to leverage the Oracle system, that was already in place for other financial processes, and include the Project Tracking and Fixed Assets functions to help them with these business processes

Business Value Delivered

Jade Global deployed a cross-functional team to help the client implement and integrate these Projects and Asset functions into a system. The team worked closely with the business users to help them dove-tail their current processes into a seamless integrated process. This helped the client collect all specific data that would drive collecting costs for the projects and create the asset to be tracked. The integration in the functions that they had been already using helped the client with the overall objective of being able to track project costs and be able to bill at the appropriate time. This also systematically helped the client to track profitability on each data center location with relation to the customers who were using specific cages at these locations.

Business Benefits

The client prior to having Projects and Assets implemented used to spend countless man-hours managing these details using spreadsheets. Since the deployment of this solution the processing time has decreased dramatically

The timeline prior to the deployment of Projects and Assets was long and manual. The process was:

  • anywhere from 2-3 weeks
  • not auditable
  • not verifiable

Since the deployment of Projects and Assets the process is

  • automated and streamlined
  • performed weekly, it takes 2 days to close the transaction processing
  • auditable with all details in Projects, AP and Assets
  • verifiable with source data from operational systems and systematically stored

The client is now also able to report seamlessly on location based asset management