Implementation of Oracle Project Costing to Track Project Cost at Each Level

Our client develops, finances, operates and monitors solar energy solutions worldwide, ranging from some of the world’s largest solar deployments to residential customers’ rooftops. The company is a subsidiary of a global leader in polysilicon and silicon wafer manufacturing, the foundation upon which most solar cells and semiconductor devices are built.

Client’s Requirements

  • An integrated solution to manage projects and track costs
  • Tracking of costs at project level, task level and organization level
  • Auto-accounting of entered transactions based on custom business rules
  • Ability to automatically upload manual transactions

Key Challenges

  • Auto generation of debit and credit accounts for cost transactions based on client’s custom business rules
  • Handling large volume of manual transactions
  • Interfacing cost from other modules like AP and PO which lie in the form on AP Invoice and PO Accruals
  • No Legacy system or standard tool to manage projects and its costs. All these information was managed in excel sheets which was highly prone to error

Jade Global’s Solution – Project Costing Implementation

  • Implemented Project Costing to track project cost at each level
  • Implemented WebADI to automate the upload of large volume of manual transactions
  • Setup auto-accounting rules for account generation as per client’s business rules and processes

Business Benefits

  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Effective and transparent management of tracking projects and costs
  • Reduced time and effort in MIS reporting
  • Solution is tightly integrated with AP and PO to pull up the supplier costs